Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Weekend 2015

I realize I haven't updated in a while and maybe one day I can go back and catch up, but for right now I thought I would start with our Easter weekend.

Mine and the kiddos weekend started Friday morning with a trip to the zoo.  Daycare was closed for Good Friday, so I took the day off to spend with them.  We went with my friend and her little boy who is in Jack's class at school. 

We hit up the choo choo train first, which Jack loved!  I think we managed to see all of the animals except the sea lions.  They enjoyed petting the goats and riding the carousel too!

After the zoo, we thought it would be a good idea to go visit the Easter bunny for a quick picture.  I'm not sure if Addi was just tired or hungry, or both, but she was horrible.  I almost said forget it, but we went ahead anyways.  She refused to sit with the Easter bunny and Jack fell asleep in the car and somehow managed to sleep through his visit with the bunny. is our 2015 Easter bunny pic...

It wasn't exactly the picture I was hoping for, but he sure is cute isn't he??

Saturday, Addi had a soccer game.  For the most part, she just runs around and follows the other kid's lead.  If the ball got anywhere near her where she would have an opportunity to kick it, she just looked at it before someone else would run up and she would miss her chance.  Well, during the game Saturday (while she was sitting on the sideline) she got mad b/c someone else had her ball.  The coach asked Addi if they put her ball in the game, would she kick it and she said "yes!".  Well, that's what they did.  Guess what?? IT WORKED!  She finally kicked the ball when she had the chance.  After she kicked it, she just looked at us and smiled really big.  Now we need to work on kicking it in the right direction and not stopping to smile at us until she gets a goal - haha!  At least she's making progress :)

Saturday night we went to Gadsden for a little surprise birthday celebration for my mom.  She has a group of friends that she met at a grief support group after my dad died and they have become really close.  They surprised her with a trip to her party - mom was shocked they were there!  It was a great night with family and friends.

Sunday morning the Easter bunny came to our house before church...

We have been visiting churches for a while now and even though we haven't made an official decision, i'm pretty sure we have found the one we want to join. We went back there this morning for their Easter service.  After the service was over, we all went outside and the children released butterflies (Addi LOVED this!)  

After church and lunch at Brad's parent's house, the kids stayed there to play and Brad and I (well, mainly Brad) did some much needed yard work.

Of course the best part of our weekend was celebrating our risen Saviour! He's ALIVE!

I hope everyone else had a Happy Easter weekend!

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