Sunday, January 18, 2015


Our Friday, as usual, started out with the kids going to their grandparent's house and Brad and I getting a date night.  First stop was dinner at Momma G's and then we took a stroll through Sam's.  I'm glad we did b/c they had Luv's diapers on sale for $10/box which is insanely cheap, so we stocked up :)

Early Saturday morning I started a new bible study/fitness class.  As I was walking out to my car afterwards, I noticed at least 6 deer walking across the street.  There were a couple of fawns and they were so cute.  It's not unusual to spot a deer out where we live, but I'm not used to seeing that many at once.  If you look closely in the picture you can see them...

I needed to run a few errands, so we all loaded up and headed out.  I had mentioned to Brad that I wanted to put shelves above our washer/dryer, so we stopped by Home Depot to get the supplies he needed.  Our laundry room is kind of small, so there was stuff just piled up.  This included cleaning supplies that were just sitting in a box on the floor.  I knew we needed to get those out of the kids (mainly Jack's) reach, so I needed a shelf to put them on.  Here is our final result...(still a little messy and excuse the two hampers full of clothes, but it looks SO much better than it did!)

I would have preferred cabinets, but we went with the less expensive option.  Jack is bummed the brooms/mops are actually put up out of reach now.  He has been known to just go in there and disperse them all throughout the house.

Usually on the weekends I like to go go go, but lately I have become a home body.  I would rather stay in my pjs and get things done around the house.  We have SO many projects that need to be done, I'm going to try to work on one project a week.  Next up is cleaning out the drawers/cabinets in our bathroom.  I have accumulated so many beauty supplies that probably should all just be thrown away.  It's a mess.  Our big project that will hopefully be done in the next few months is having our den/dining room/downstairs hallway painted.  We will be hiring someone to do this task for sure!

This morning we went to church, came home for lunch and then Jack and I took a long nap while Addi played and Brad rested.  We took the kids over to Honey and Da's to ride their cars b/c it was so pretty this afternoon.  Meanwhile, Brad and I did some grocery shopping together.

After a wonderfully relaxing day, I made a huge pot of taco soup and meal prepped for the week.  I'm about to catch up on some Downton Abbey and call it a night!

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