Thursday, October 16, 2014


When Brad and I first found out we were having a baby girl FIVE years ago (CRAZY how time flies), I was so excited!  The first thing I thought about was how fun it was going to be to dress her up.  I mean let’s face it, girl clothes are WAY more fun to shop for than boy stuff.  I even planned a day off the day of our ultrasound to go shopping and began filling her closet.

One of my favorite things to buy for Addi has been ruffled pants.  I just think they are so cute.  I’m a sucker for ruffles, so those are the type outfits I migrate towards.

Fast forward five years and I now have a very opinionated little girl who no longer likes those precious ruffled pants.  In fact, she spent a solid 30 minutes this morning screaming and crying because I put them on her.  She would much rather wear leggings, jeans or shorts.  In the end, she won.  I put some other pants on her and off we went.  This isn’t the first time she has freaked out over her clothes (and shoes are a completely different battle – much WORSE) and I have now realized that I need to put the ruffles away.  As much as I love them, it’s not worth it in the end. 

I have a new Matilda Jane obsession and have bought several pairs of the big ruffles.  I guess I need to sell the ones I bought.  Even though I’m going to keep the bigger sizes I bought JUST IN CASE she changes her mind and wants to wear them next year :) 

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