Sunday, October 19, 2014

Fall Weekends

The fall is my favorite time of year.  Our weekends always seem jam packed full of things to do.  Of course football is always a top priority every Saturday.  Our Fridays almost always start with a date night.  Brad's parents normally pick the kids up from school so we can have some one on one time together.  So, this past Friday started out like any other...Brad and I went to a steakhouse right down the street from our house and we made our weekly trip to Sam's - real romantic :)

Saturday morning I helped out with a friend's adoption yard sale and that afternoon we hung around the house and had some friends over to watch football.  Here are Addi with some of her buds.  They were busy playing while all the parents rooted for the Tide.

After the ball game we ate some hamburgers Brad had grilled and then got the kids dressed up for Boo at the Zoo.  Addi was Elsa, of course (along with every other little girl).  We took Jack to Brad's parents since it was going to be a late night and a little chilly out.

At first, Addi was terrified of The Hulk costume.  She even went and hid in her closet.  She eventually got over it and began having a blast with Colyn and Jacob.

 They had a lot of fun trick or treating at the zoo and riding the scarousel :)  It goes backwards and plays Halloweenish music.  She was out before we hit the interstate...

My BFF was in town and she came with us, but we didn't even get a picture together.  I was SO happy to see her, but I was sad we didn't get to spend much time together.  Next time.

This morning we got up and ready to go get Jack Jack and head to church.  Apparently I lied in my previous post about Addi freaking out over wearing her ruffled pants.  This morning I put them on her and she declared "I love these pants".  One day she hates them, the next she loves them - life living with a four year old!

After church, we ate lunch at my mom's house so Brad could help her cut a tree that had fallen in her back yard and then we came home for naps.  When we woke up, Addi and I made a trip to Wal-Mart.  EVERY single time I go to Wal-Mart I realize why I don't normally shop there, but for some reason I keep going back haha.  We spent two hours and way more money than I would have liked to spend in there today.  For some reason Addi felt the need to dress up as Elsa for our shopping adventure - why not?!?

Now that the weekend is over, I need to focus on the busy week I have ahead of me.  I've already made countless to-do lists and will hopefully be able to cross a few things off before the week is over.

I hope everyone has a great week!

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