Thursday, October 23, 2014

Community Helper Week

One thing I LOVE about Addi and Jack’s preschool is they do so many “hands on” things.  Along with their regular curriculum, they really encourage learning through play.  They have different themes each month and always have activities scheduled.  Addi does a lot better with interactive play versus table work as I’m sure most 4 year olds do.

Last week was Community Helpers Week.  They had visitors from the fire and police departments, a veterinarian, and dentist.  Addi told me the “yellow fireman” was her favorite. Jack's class went out to see the fire truck, but because they are so young (and probably hard to sit still, they skipped the other activities)

Last Friday was career day, so they were told to dress up as what they wanted to be when they grew up.  Addi chose to dress as a mommy.  I think the main reason she did this was so she could take her baby to school.   Here are a few pictures from her week…

Addi with the vet and her cat Minnie Mouse

In the big yellow fire truck 

Taking her turn brushing the monkey's teeth 

Hopefully the only time she will ever be in a police car 😬

Addi and her baby

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