Wednesday, August 13, 2014

First Week of School

School is officially in session.  Addi and Jack started to their new classes last Thursday.  So far, they have both done great!

 Addi started 4K and LOVES her new teacher.  During the first few months of 3K her teachers had a hard time getting her to open up to them.  They would just tell me that she didn’t talk much.  As she got to know her teachers better, she started to open up more and by the end of the year, she was a little chatter box.  She really blossomed and learned a lot!  I was anxious for this year to begin b/c I thought it would be the same situation of her having to get to know her new teacher and therefore she wouldn’t talk much.  I made sure to talk with the teacher and let her know Addi’s background.  I went on and on about how sometimes she has a hard time communicating what she’s thinking and she might have to work with Addi a little harder to get her to open up.  Well, apparently I don’t know my child at all b/c when Brad went to pick her up last Friday, the teacher told him that Addi is the loudest in the class – haha.  Loud and talkative!  This is a GOOD thing for her.  Even though she is loud, I made sure this morning that she is behaving and minding her teacher.  Thank goodness she is!  They had show and tell earlier this week and Addi did it all by herself!  SO proud of her!
 I’m glad she is minding her teacher and behaving at school b/c she has had a hard time minding lately at home.  She is so strong-willed.  We have to just stick with our guns and follow through with our punishments that we give her.  She has her good days and bad days (don’t we all!).  I still just have to remind myself that she’s only 4 and she will continue to have these days every now and then.  I don’t expect her to act perfect, but when we ask her to do something, I do expect her to listen.  I’ve definitely spent some time in prayer over this!

Jack moved up to the Younger Toddler’s class and has done really well adjusting. He has been whiney from getting several teeth in at once, but other than that he’s good.  He’s walking around and starting to really mimic the words we say.  Such a big boy! 

Friday, August 1, 2014

Happy Birthday, Jack!

Last night we had Jack's first birthday party.  I learned from Addi's first birthday party that it's kind of silly to go all out for a 1 year old.  If you have the time, money and effort to put towards a Pinterest worthy party, then props to you!  I just didn't have it in me or the budget, so we went simple.  The grandparents were the only ones invited and we ate take out bbq off paper plates.  It was MUCH less stressful and so much more enjoyable.  

I did have a smash cake made along with a cake for the adults and Addi to eat.  I found the little trucks on top at K-mart of all places.  I thought they were so cute and knew I wanted to use them on his cake!

Here is Jack's reaction to the smash cake...

He didn't want anything to do with it.  Granted, it was time for a bottle and night-night.  

Here was Addi's reaction to her smash cake on her first birthday...

A little different reaction, huh? Haha!

Here are a few more pictures from last night...

I took some mini-cupcakes to school this morning for him to share with his class.  They had a little party this afternoon. He actually looks like he was enjoying his cupcake!

Happy Birthday to my Jack Jack!