Friday, July 18, 2014

Our Life Lately

Here are a few snippets of what has been going on with us over the past week or so: 

Brad and I went to Tuscaloosa last Friday night to see Miranda Lambert.  She is my favorite country singer and I have loved her since her Me and Charlie Talking CD came out while I was in college.  As you can tell, Brad was thrilled about going with me :)

My little fashionista - socks with Toms and goggles.  I can handle the goggles, but the socks with Toms is KILLING me.  I had to bribe her to take them off.

VBS was this week and i'm exhausted.  I can tell by Addi's attitude that she is pretty tired herself.  Hopefully we will all get some rest this weekend.  Anyways, she had a great time and declared "I LOVE bible school!" every time we pulled in the parking lot of the church.

I bought Jack Jack his first back pack and lunchbox.  I just thought they were so cute.  Plus, I got them at Target at a great price!  I can't believe my baby will be moving up to the younger toddler class and will be sleeping on a nap mat, sitting up at a table to eat and will need a lunchbox.  Makes this mama super sad!  Addi found out who her teacher is going to be next year and I'm SO excited.  Her current teacher took her over to her new class today and said Addi was so shy.  Addi doesn't do very well with change, so i'm praying this transition is a smooth one!

Last weekend we talked daddy into a swimming pool.  Addi and I had a blast playing in it!

My sweet Jack had a fever virus last weekend that lasted through Tuesday.  He was so pitiful.  I'm happy to say he is now back to his happy self!

Tonight, we went to have dinner with Brad's parents for his dad's birthday and then came home to relax.  I'm now trying to talk Brad (in between convincing a 4 year old she needs to go to sleep in her big girl bed) into booking a trip to Vegas in a few months .  We received a few nights free and I think we should take advantage of that - don't you?!?! Ha!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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  1. Awwww one of my coworkers went see her too! I think her hubby was as thrilled as yours. :) Praying for smooth transitions for your kiddos, and I'm so glad Jack is better. Parker has had several of those types of viruses, and I swear they're the worst. :(