Thursday, July 31, 2014


My sweet boy turns ONE today!  We all refer to him as either “little fella” or “Jack Jack”.  He is the cutest little boy I have ever seen (I’m a little biased) and I just want to eat him up!  It really seems like yesterday when he was born (you can read about that here).  You  know how when you are expecting your first child you have those people who say “He/She will be grown before you know it”?.  Boy, aren’t they telling the truth!?  I feel like both Addi and Jack have grown SO quickly and before I know it they will be moving off to college and then getting married.   I try to just focus on the right here and now and enjoy all of the time we have together.
 I’m a little extra emotional with every milestone Jack achieves because he is my last baby (unless God has other plans for our lives).  He started walking at 9 ½ months, is drinking whole milk from a sippy cup (except he still likes a bottle right before bedtime) and is eating pretty much whatever we eat.  He is a great eater and I’m determined to keep it that way!  He is into everything.  Every time we go to try to catch him he starts running the other way – haha!  Addi was never a climber or one to get into drawers, but Jack is trying to climb on anything he can.  He also loves Winnie (the cat).  This is NOT a good thing b/c she is mean and I’m afraid she will bite or scratch him if he pulls her tail or pets her too hard.  I definitely have to keep my eyes on him at ALL times!
 When he starts getting sleepy he will pull his blanket over his face to cover his eyes from the light.  If he doesn’t have a paci to sleep with, then he puts the blanket in his mouth.  He’s pretty good about sleeping through the night, but occasionally have to get up to go put the paci back in his mouth and cover him back up. 
 I know I have mentioned this before, but he adores his sister and she adores him right back.  I love watching them play together.  Addi still has her moments when she’s too rough with him, but I think it’s because she loves him so much she just wants to squeeze him.  I’m so thankful God chose us to be Jack Jack’s parents – our lives would not be the same without him!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Our Life Lately

Here are a few snippets of what has been going on with us over the past week or so: 

Brad and I went to Tuscaloosa last Friday night to see Miranda Lambert.  She is my favorite country singer and I have loved her since her Me and Charlie Talking CD came out while I was in college.  As you can tell, Brad was thrilled about going with me :)

My little fashionista - socks with Toms and goggles.  I can handle the goggles, but the socks with Toms is KILLING me.  I had to bribe her to take them off.

VBS was this week and i'm exhausted.  I can tell by Addi's attitude that she is pretty tired herself.  Hopefully we will all get some rest this weekend.  Anyways, she had a great time and declared "I LOVE bible school!" every time we pulled in the parking lot of the church.

I bought Jack Jack his first back pack and lunchbox.  I just thought they were so cute.  Plus, I got them at Target at a great price!  I can't believe my baby will be moving up to the younger toddler class and will be sleeping on a nap mat, sitting up at a table to eat and will need a lunchbox.  Makes this mama super sad!  Addi found out who her teacher is going to be next year and I'm SO excited.  Her current teacher took her over to her new class today and said Addi was so shy.  Addi doesn't do very well with change, so i'm praying this transition is a smooth one!

Last weekend we talked daddy into a swimming pool.  Addi and I had a blast playing in it!

My sweet Jack had a fever virus last weekend that lasted through Tuesday.  He was so pitiful.  I'm happy to say he is now back to his happy self!

Tonight, we went to have dinner with Brad's parents for his dad's birthday and then came home to relax.  I'm now trying to talk Brad (in between convincing a 4 year old she needs to go to sleep in her big girl bed) into booking a trip to Vegas in a few months .  We received a few nights free and I think we should take advantage of that - don't you?!?! Ha!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Friday, July 11, 2014

A Day in the Life

I love reading these type of posts from different bloggers. I think it’s super interesting to get a glimpse into someone else’s day to day happenings. My days aren’t at all that interesting, but I thought I would join in the fun with Leslie from A Blonde 


5:00 AM – my alarm starts to go off and I quickly reset it for 5:30. I always have hopes that I will wake up at 5:00 and be able to drink a cup of coffee and have a quiet time before everyone else wakes up. Yeah, that never happens. I’m not quite sure why I still set my alarm for 5:00 when I always reset it as soon as it goes off – ha!

5:30 AM – my 2nd alarm goes off and I hear Jack stirring, so I go fix him a bottle and get him out of his crib. I notice his diaper has overflowed and he needs to be stripped down and changed. After a quick diaper change and wipe down, I take him to Brad who feeds him while I begin to get ready.

5:50 AM – I continue getting ready and turn the TV on hoping this will wake our sleeping beauty (who REALLY enjoys her sleep). I also rush through the house to get clothes together and lunches made. I ALWAYS think to myself that my mornings would go a lot smoother if I would prepare the night before.

6:45 AM – All of us are out the door. Brad helps me get the kids in my car and I turn Despicable Me 2 on the DVD player in the car (because heaven forbid we make the 5 minute car ride to daycare without some form of entertainment – ha!)

6:50 AM – I get Jack out of the car and have to convince Addi that mommy is late and needs to hurry, but she continues to take her time. We go put her lunchbox in the fridge and she always helps me put Jack in his room. We both give him kisses goodbye and quickly get out of the room before he notices we are gone and starts screaming. I then take Addi to her room, open her Poptart and fix her a cup of water for breakfast and she tells me “bye” 50 times and blows kisses to me as I’m leaving. I quickly fix a cup of coffee that they have prepared for us at the daycare and out the door I go around 7:00ish.

7:45 AM – I arrive at work. Immediately I fix another cup of coffee and some oatmeal. I pretty much eat this same breakfast every day. Occasionally I will stop at Jack’s for a biscuit and iced coffee, but try not to make a habit out of it!

10:00 AM – After working a few hours, I grab a small bag of bbq potato chips b/c I like to keep things healthy.

11:30 AM – I am already starving and decide to fix my lunch of leftover red beans and rice. Most days I walk in the mall and shop before I eat lunch, but today I decide to just sit at my desk and read while I eat. Jack's teacher sends me a picture of him ready for water day at school...

12:45-4:00 PM – I work. It’s real exciting stuff – spreadsheets, numbers and calculators are what my days as an accountant consist of.

4:00 PM – I’m out the door! Tonight is different because I’m meeting some of my best friends for dinner.

4:15 PM – I arrive at the shopping center and meet up with my friend Sadie to do a little shopping before everyone meets at 6:00.

5:30 PM – We go ahead and get a table at Chuys in case it starts to get crowded. We also devour a basket of chips, creamy jalapeno dip, salsa and queso – yum!

6:00 PM – Leah and Heather arrive and we order. I got the fish tacos and they were SO good! I didn’t even touch my rice and beans. We try to meet up at least once a month to catch up. I love getting together because it’s just like we have never been a part.

7:30ishPM – We all go our separate ways except I go with Leah to VS to shop around for a little bit.

8:00 PM – I’m on my way home to my people.

8:30 PM – After I get home, I chit chat with Brad for a little bit about our days, go check on sleeping Jack Jack and say hey to Addi who is in her bed watching a movie.

9:00 PM – Addi ends up in our bed pitching a fit because she wants her daddy to come to bed. I end up rubbing her feet/legs until she falls asleep. I read a book until falling asleep probably around 9:45ish. Side note – I am usually in bed a lot earlier than this. I think I was asleep at 8:00 every day last week – except for one night when I was in bed at 6:30 and Brad made me get up haha! I love my sleep!

That was my day! Jealous? Haha! It may not seem that exciting, but I love my life and I’m so thankful for the many blessings God has given me.

In other news, one of my sweet friends who was supposed to meet us for dinner last night couldn’t because she was having to deliver her baby boy who unexpectedly passed away earlier this week. She was only a few weeks away from her due date. Please please pray for their family. My heart hurts for them and I can’t even imagine what she’s going through right now. They are strong in their faith and know that their sweet boy is in heaven and know God has a reason for all of this happening.