Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter

This Easter our church did something a little different.  Instead of spending a ton of money on outfits to wear on Easter Sunday, we purchased t-shirts and 100% of the profits go to the Alabama Children's Homes. You can't really read our shirts, but they say "Forget the Frock, Feed Orphans".  You can read more about Forget the Frock here.

After church, we went to Nana's house for lunch.  It was so good!  We went by to visit Honey and Da and then played outside while daddy worked in the yard.  It was such a beautiful day, so we then loaded up and drove to the park to play some more.  Addi was fighting to stay awake on the way home from the park.

The Easter bunny also hopped right over our house.  At first, I wasn't going to do the whole bunny thing because I didn't have time to go to Wal-Mart and I refused to fight the craziness this weekend and Addi is scared of the bunny.  Plus, I figured Addi got enough candy from the several egg hunts she went to this week.  After talking about it with Brad, I think we aren't going to do the Easter bunny thing at all.  We will still do a small basket from us, but that will be the extent of it.  I don't think those who choose to have the bunny visit their house are wrong, but this is just a decision we have made for our family. (Santa still comes to our house as of right now, but we just don't make him the primary focus)

I'm so thankful that Jesus loved me so much that He died on the cross for my sins.  I'm so unworthy and undeserving of His amazing grace.  I hope you and your families had a Happy Easter as well! 


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter Egg Hunts

Addi and Jack both had Easter parties/egg hunts at school this week.  I wasn't able to make it to Addi's because of timing, but I was fortunate enough to make it to Jack's egg hunt.  Facebook is a wonderful thing for working mommy's who aren't able to make it to parties and other school events that are during the day.  I just have to rely on other momma's who go to post pics to FB.

Addi's class had their party on Wednesday and then Thursday, they had their egg hunt.  She had so much fun running around finding eggs with all of her friends.

Jack's class egg hunt was so cute.  All their teacher did was just dump a big bucket of puff-filled eggs in the middle of the floor and let them play.  They all had a blast!  His teacher also took cute pictures of the babies next to their buckets they made.  So sweet!

Our church's egg hunt was this morning.  Addi had a lot of fun playing games, bouncing and hunting. Jack had fun just sitting in Brad's lap and looking at everyone :)


Monday, April 7, 2014

8 Months

Can’t believe my baby is 8 months old!  He’s crawling, pulling up on everything, waving, playing patty cake and dancing.  Brad began walking at 9 months old and I’m thinking Jack will be the same way – I’m SO not ready for that!    Addi wasn’t the type to get into very much stuff.  She mainly minded her own business and played with her toys.  Jack, on the other hand, is constantly on the move, opening drawers and seeing what else he can put in his mouth.  The past couple of weekends I have been home with the kids by myself and I get absolutely nothing done.  I also can’t really handle taking them anywhere by myself (I’m sure I could if I really tried, but I prefer to just stay home and avoid any chaos that might happen if we were to venture out of the house)

His teachers tell me that he is rotten and gets really upset when one of them walks out of the room b/c he wants to be held/played with.  I told them that they made him that way b/c I don’t have time to sit around and hold him all night (I wish I did, but I don’t).  I love that they love him and spoil him like he were theirs. 

Weight: 19 lbs 10 oz.

Length: I honestly can’t remember his length and I failed to write it down at his last check-up.

Eating: He’s eating three 6 oz bottles during the day and one 8 oz bottle before bed.  He eats a fruit/oatmeal for breakfast, a fruit or veggie at lunch and both a fruit and a veggie for dinner.  We have also just started puffs within the last couple of weeks and he seems to like snacking on those as well. 

Sleeping:  Brad still needs to lower his crib, so until then, he has been sleeping in the pack and play in our room.  Ear infections have kept him from sleeping completely through the night, but usually when he wakes up it’s just for a second and once I put his pappy back in his mouth, he’s good to go.

Likes:  He loves his sissy, pappy, the cat and getting into everything he’s not supposed to J

Dislikes:  He really doesn’t have too many dislikes – I guess just not paying him any attention and having his diaper changed.