Saturday, March 22, 2014

Addi is FOUR

March 4th Addi turned FOUR.  I can’t even think about her turning 5 next year.  I’m going to be a hot mess when that day comes.

We decided to do a skating party this year.  Addi and 12 of her little friends had a blast!  Our local skating rink offers what they call a “tot skate”, which is where only kids who are under 7 are allowed to skate.  They also have a couple of inflatables for the kids to play on.  We thought this would be the best time to have Addi’s party.

I’m not one to get crafty and spend hours on Pinterest searching for ideas on how to create an elaborate birthday party for a 4 year old.  (I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, I just don’t happen to have the time or money for that sort of thing)  I only served cake – and it was SO good.  She loves Sofia the First, so we had a Princess Sofia cake.  I almost didn’t do party favors because I think it’s silly to give a child a gift for coming to a party, but I found little party packs at the Dollar Tree that I bought to hand out.
In the end, it was a great party and Addi had a blast which is all that matters to me!  

Age three was a hard year for us.  God was definitely trying to teach us patience and mercy.  She struggled to pay attention and making her mind us was (and sometimes still is) hard.  We have learned that Addi thrives with structure.  Preschool is a GREAT thing for her.  She has definitely come leaps and bounds from where she was even 6 months ago.  Her teachers say that she is still keeping up well with the other kids. I’m SO proud of her and all that she has accomplished.  I know we will still have struggles, especially when she starts to Kindergarten, but I’m just praying that God shows us the right steps to take and the right things to do when those days come.

I took her to the doctor for the 4 year check-up yesterday.  She weighed 42.2 lbs (90th percentile) and was 42.5 inches tall (94th percentile).  They had to prick her finger and give her two shots – she handled it like a champ and didn’t even shed a tear!  Her blood work was great and he said she’s healthy!  He said the most important thing we can do with her to help her communication/learning is to read, read, read.  I admit we haven’t done as much reading as I would like.  She is the most STRONG WILLED child I have ever met, so sitting down to read a book without her insisting that she read it to me and her turning the page before I even get a word out is hard (this is where some of the patience that God is trying to teach me would come in handy J).  Last night before dinner, I asked her to go pick out two books for us to read.  I let her hold the book and turn the pages, and she actually let me read to her.  We read Amelia Bedelia and Knuffle Bunny.  I keep meaning to go buy The Storybook Bible and make that part of our nightly routine as well.

I thank God every day for that strong willed, funny, shy, beautiful and HEALTHY baby girl!

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