Sunday, February 16, 2014

Valentine's Day

Over the past few years I have become a fan of Valentine's Day.  We try our hardest to show each other every day how much we love each other, but I think Valentine's is just a fun day to make a little extra effort in telling someone how much you love them.  Plus, who doesn't like candy, flowers and date nights with your significant other??  

Addi had SO much fun this Valentine's.  They made cute little boxes at school to put their cards and candy in.  She loved pulling out each card and letting me tell her who it was from.  She kept saying "I tell my friends happy valentimes today".  I asked her if she had fun at her party and she said "I ate doughnuts and they were so yummy!"  So cute!  Jack's teacher sent me the above picture of him during the day Friday.  He's been battling an ear infection, so it made my heart happy that he was all smiles!

Brad really isn't into making elaborate dinner plans, so we just attempted to go to Olive Garden, but we did not want to wait an hour and a half to eat, so instead we went to a new pizza place in town.  We still had to wait 45 minutes for our pizza, but at least we were able to sit down at a table, talk and have an appetizer.  We went to McDonald's for an ice cream cone and milkshake for dessert.  It was a great night!

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