Saturday, February 8, 2014

6 Months Old

In six more months we will be celebrating this precious little boy's 1st birthday - crazy!  He's such a happy baby and always seems so content.  I think two little teethies are about to come in because everything goes straight to his mouth for him to chew on.  It won't be too long, I know!
Weight: I'm guessing somewhere between 18 lbs.  We go for his 6 month check up next week, so I will have to update it then
Length: Not sure on this one either
Eating:He drinks four 8oz bottles.  He's eating oatmeal mixed with fruit for breakfast, fruit or veggie for lunch and usually a fruit and a veggie for dinner. 
Sleeping:  After bragging about how great of a sleeper he is to someone last Monday, he began to wake up some in the middle of the night every night last week.  He either rolls on his stomach and begins to whimper or his pappy falls out of his mouth.  He's also been tee-teeing through his diaper, so I guess i'm going to either have to switch diaper brands or make it a habit of changing him right before I go to bed.  He always falls asleep during his last bottle, so i'm sure this is the reason why his diaper overflows.  He goes to sleep around 6:30/7:00 and wakes up at 5:45.  He usually takes two good naps that last anywhere between 1 and 2 hours.  His teacher says he's the best sleeper in their class - ha!
Likes: Eating, sitting up so he can see everything, playing in his jumper, looking in mirrors, his sissy and he LOVES the cat - his eyes follow her wherever she goes.
Dislikes: Being on his tummy, and he really dislikes when you don't feed him fast enough :)

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