Thursday, January 30, 2014

Snowpocalypse 2014

It all started Tuesday morning around 9:30 when I looked out my office window and saw the snow coming down heavy.

 I got a phone call and text from the daycare at 10:30 saying they were closing at 12:00.  It usually takes me 35-40 mins to get from my office to pick them up.  I decided to go ahead and head that way.  The interstate was starting to accumulate snow and cars began to slide.  I continued to drive around 40 mph the whole way to our exit.  Once I got off the exit ramp and turned onto the road that leads to the daycare (and our house), I knew I was in trouble.  There was a ridiculously long line of cars heading the same direction as me.  People began to abandon their cars and walking...

I sat in the same spot for about 30 minutes at least.  It was already 12, so I called the daycare to say I was still going to be a while.  They were already making plans for people to spend the night.  I finally saw a bulldozer with a load of dirt to allow people to get by.  I finally made it to a safe place to pull over.  By this time I was about to pee all over myself b/c I drank a bottle of water right before I left work (sorry, TMI).  The only cars that were making it over the hill were trucks with 4wd.  My brilliant idea was that I will just flag down a truck going that way and see if I can hitch a ride.  By that point, I just wanted my babies (and a restroom).  I saw a truck and began waving like a crazy person.  He was going to the gas station right across from the daycare and said he would drive me there and I could buy him gas (he was a true gentleman let me tell you - ugh).  I hopped up in the truck and the next thing he said was "Don't worry, I wont rape you".  Ummm, ok.  I began questioning my wise idea of riding with a stranger.  We get to the gas station after sliding a few places here and there, and it's closed.  I ended up writing the guy a $25 check for driving me 2 miles.  I didn't really care at the moment b/c I was desperate to make it to the church!

Once inside, I checked in with Addi's teachers to let them know I was there, but I didn't want to disturb her, so I went to Jack's room and stayed put until my father-in-law could reach us in his 4wd.  About 1 1/2 hours later he arrived!  We all piled in the truck (including some other families that we were dropping off on our way).  I'm pretty sure I've never been that scared to be on the road in my life.  I tried to not watch and just play on my phone. We finally got to their house and Brad had just left work (4:00).  He made it as close as he could to their house and his dad had to go get him and bring him back.

That night, him and his dad had planned on going back to our house to get diapers and baby food for Jack.  They left and came right back 5 minutes later b/c they couldn't make it up the hill.  
The next day, Brad and I decided to walk the two miles to our house to get what we needed and check on Banjo and Winnie.  There is no way anyone could have made it up our hill.  Here are some pics Brad took along the way.  (BTW, walking 4 miles in the snow is NO fun!)

Brad's phone lens was too blurry, but I'm wearing his dad's coveralls.  I actually got hot wearing those things!

This is the entrance to our neighborhood.  No one could make it up the hill, so they parked and walked.

Our house.

After gathering some clothes, diapers and baby food, we started walking back.  It was a long walk and I was so happy to be back to their house.  We stayed the night there and I loaded Addi and Jack up around 11:30 this morning to drive back home.  Winnie finally showed up at the door and she was happy to be back inside...

Addi and her Da went outside in the snow for 1 minute our first night there.  She came back in and said "I not like the snow".  Haha!  Jack was comfy inside under the blanket...

I'm so ready for the snow and ice to go away! I wouldn't be able to survive living in the North!

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