Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!  2013 was a pretty hard year to beat.  The best thing that happened  was welcoming a beautiful baby boy into our little family.  He's such a blessing!  Even though we don't plan on adding any more little ones to our family this year, i'm excited to see what God has planned for us.

In 2014, I want LESS of me and MORE of Jesus.  I want Him to be my number one focus in EVERYTHING I do.  I want to spend time in His word like I never have before.  I want to worship Him with all of my heart, soul and mind everyday.  I want to make sure I'm teaching our children about His love. 

Just like everyone else I also have goals of losing weight, saving money and exercising moreHere are a few of those type of things that I want to accomplish this year:

1.  Lose 20 lbs.  I'm a little over 20 lbs away from my goal weight (what I weighed before I became pregnant with Addi).

2.  Run more.  Brad and I ran our first 5k a little less than a month ago, but I'm already wanting more.  I would like to run four 5k's and the Talladega Half Marathon in 2014.  Now I realize it might be a stretch for me to even think about running a half marathon, but it's not until September, so I think it's possible :)

3.  Purge.  Anything and I mean ANYTHING we have in our house that we haven't used in the last year, I want to get rid of.  We have too much stuff.   

4.  Blog more.  I really enjoy going back and reading posts about Addi from when I first started blogging.  I updated this thing a lot more back then.  I've done a crappy job of documenting our life over the past year.  Since this is my scrapbook of sorts, I don't want to forget anything.

Happy New Year! 


  1. I think the purging goal is a REALLY good one. I feel our house just getting fuller and fuller as time goes by, and I know that most of it is probably junk. You're inspiring me to get that stuff OUT and simplify! :)

    1. Toys and clothes have taken over our house, so it's definitely time to bag it up and take it to the goodwill!