Saturday, January 4, 2014

5 Months Old

I feel like a lot has gone on in this little man's life over the past month.  He has had his second double ear infection, experienced his first Christmas, started rolling over (both from his tummy to his back and his back to his tummy) and began eating baby food.  He's been a busy boy!  

Weight: I'm guessing somewhere between 16-17 lbs
Length: Not sure on this one either
Eating: He loves to eat!  We have recently started baby food.  So far he has tried apples and bananas (which he LOVED).  I went to the store today and bought some more food for him to try.  Right now i'm just trying out a new food every couple of nights and then once he's good with those, then I send them to daycare for them to feed him breakfast.  I can't really remember how often and how much food to give a baby - ha!  I know I will get the hang of it and we just have to get into a schedule of our own.  He's still learning how all of this eating food stuff works!
Sleeping:  He has been cat napping in between feedings for the past couple of weeks.  He goes to bed around 6:30/7:00 and sleeps until 5:45/6:00ish on weekdays.  Weekends he goes to bed at his normal time and then wakes up around 7:00.  After recently talking to a few friends about how their babies still get up during the night, i'm realizing how blessed we are that Jack loves his sleep.
Likes: Eating, sitting up so he can see everything, playing in his jumper, looking in mirrors, his sissy
Dislikes:  Tummy time!

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