Thursday, January 30, 2014

Snowpocalypse 2014

It all started Tuesday morning around 9:30 when I looked out my office window and saw the snow coming down heavy.

 I got a phone call and text from the daycare at 10:30 saying they were closing at 12:00.  It usually takes me 35-40 mins to get from my office to pick them up.  I decided to go ahead and head that way.  The interstate was starting to accumulate snow and cars began to slide.  I continued to drive around 40 mph the whole way to our exit.  Once I got off the exit ramp and turned onto the road that leads to the daycare (and our house), I knew I was in trouble.  There was a ridiculously long line of cars heading the same direction as me.  People began to abandon their cars and walking...

I sat in the same spot for about 30 minutes at least.  It was already 12, so I called the daycare to say I was still going to be a while.  They were already making plans for people to spend the night.  I finally saw a bulldozer with a load of dirt to allow people to get by.  I finally made it to a safe place to pull over.  By this time I was about to pee all over myself b/c I drank a bottle of water right before I left work (sorry, TMI).  The only cars that were making it over the hill were trucks with 4wd.  My brilliant idea was that I will just flag down a truck going that way and see if I can hitch a ride.  By that point, I just wanted my babies (and a restroom).  I saw a truck and began waving like a crazy person.  He was going to the gas station right across from the daycare and said he would drive me there and I could buy him gas (he was a true gentleman let me tell you - ugh).  I hopped up in the truck and the next thing he said was "Don't worry, I wont rape you".  Ummm, ok.  I began questioning my wise idea of riding with a stranger.  We get to the gas station after sliding a few places here and there, and it's closed.  I ended up writing the guy a $25 check for driving me 2 miles.  I didn't really care at the moment b/c I was desperate to make it to the church!

Once inside, I checked in with Addi's teachers to let them know I was there, but I didn't want to disturb her, so I went to Jack's room and stayed put until my father-in-law could reach us in his 4wd.  About 1 1/2 hours later he arrived!  We all piled in the truck (including some other families that we were dropping off on our way).  I'm pretty sure I've never been that scared to be on the road in my life.  I tried to not watch and just play on my phone. We finally got to their house and Brad had just left work (4:00).  He made it as close as he could to their house and his dad had to go get him and bring him back.

That night, him and his dad had planned on going back to our house to get diapers and baby food for Jack.  They left and came right back 5 minutes later b/c they couldn't make it up the hill.  
The next day, Brad and I decided to walk the two miles to our house to get what we needed and check on Banjo and Winnie.  There is no way anyone could have made it up our hill.  Here are some pics Brad took along the way.  (BTW, walking 4 miles in the snow is NO fun!)

Brad's phone lens was too blurry, but I'm wearing his dad's coveralls.  I actually got hot wearing those things!

This is the entrance to our neighborhood.  No one could make it up the hill, so they parked and walked.

Our house.

After gathering some clothes, diapers and baby food, we started walking back.  It was a long walk and I was so happy to be back to their house.  We stayed the night there and I loaded Addi and Jack up around 11:30 this morning to drive back home.  Winnie finally showed up at the door and she was happy to be back inside...

Addi and her Da went outside in the snow for 1 minute our first night there.  She came back in and said "I not like the snow".  Haha!  Jack was comfy inside under the blanket...

I'm so ready for the snow and ice to go away! I wouldn't be able to survive living in the North!

Thursday, January 23, 2014


 This week seems to have gone at a snail's pace and I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday! 

Since this picture was taken, she has had about 3 inches cut off her hair and some layers put in.  It looks SO much better!

This little girl has had a good week at school.  About 4 months ago, she was having a hard time with her school work.  Her teachers said that she just wanted to scribble scrabble on her paper instead of sit down and actually pay attention to what they wanted her to do.  Of course, in true Mary Beth fashion, I begin to freak out b/c she isn't tracing her letters and writing her name like everyone else. I just wanted her to keep up with her classmates.  However, this little girl is as stubborn as they come.  She just wasn't interested in her schoolwork, therefore, she wasn't going to do it.  Simple as that (just like her daddy).  Several months later, something clicked and now she is doing great with her tracing and writing her name...She got all smiley faces this week!  She's just trying to teach her mommy not to freak out and she will do things in her own timing.

This may not look like much to anyone else, but to me, it's perfection!

I can't believe Jack will be 6 months old at the end of this month!  It blows my mind!  He is rolling all over the place.  He's SO CLOSE to sitting up on his own.  Two little teethies are about to come in as well.  Once he gets something in his hand, he automatically puts it in his mouth.  I will do his 6 month update next week.

Something monumental happened this week...we cut off our cable.  Crazy, I know.  It has only been off since Monday and so far so good!  We already had Netflix and Amazon Prime subscriptions that we were paying for on top of our cable bill, so we have just been watching those instead.  We plan on buying a Roku next week to give us even more options.  Doing this is saving us about $100/month and i'm super excited about that!  I asked Brad today what else could we do away with to save some more money - ha!

 My best friend is coming into town tomorrow and I can't wait to spend some time with her on Saturday!  I hope y'all have a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Stop Whining and Do Something About It!

One of my biggest pet peeves is people who complain about EVERYTHING. I think this bothers me so much is because I used to be this way (I still have my days, trust me).  I would whine and gripe about being overweight (mostly to myself).  Once I realized that whining about something will do absolutely NOTHING to help your circumstance, I began to do something about it.  I put my running shoes on and changed my diet (I also prayed a lot for God to give me self-control and the determination to better myself).  I have since lost 61 lbs!

I understand there are things that happen in our lives that we can’t control.  Thankfully, God is bigger than all of our problems.  I used to hate my job.  Like I would dread getting up in the morning and I would think of every excuse under the sun to stay home.  I wanted to be a stay at home mom so badly.  Once I finally got it in my noggin that I will not be a SAHM anytime soon, I had to learn to deal with the situation I was given.  We kind of have to have insurance and bills need to be paid and diapers need to be bought, so I need to work J  I began putting it in God’s hands and asked him to change my heart about my job situation.  I love seeing how God works in our lives!  Once I quit focusing on how much I hated my job and realized that God created me to work not to just pay the bills, but to actually work for a purpose and to give Him the glory in everything I do, I began to actually enjoy my work.  We were created to not only love God, but to love others and show them Christ.  Work should be our mission field.  Every morning before I get out of my car to walk in the office, I pray that the Lord uses me to bring glory to His name and to point others towards Christ. 

I pray that whatever you are going through right now, you will just give it to God.  I know that is easier said than done sometimes, but I feel like we miss out on the life God meant for us to live when we spend all of our time complaining about what we want to change about it.  He has placed you where you are for a reason and He loves you!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Our Weekend

Friday night, we all went out to dinner and then we took the kids to spend the night with Brad's parents.  Brad and I were running our second 5k the next morning, so it was just going to be easier to let them spend the night so we wouldn't have to wake them so early.  We had a good run.  It wasn't our best, but it felt good.  

Afterwards, we ran a few errands and then made our way home to work some in the house.  I have decided that my least favorite chore ever is cleaning out the fridge.  I'm always surprised (and grossed out) at what I find.  Apparently every time I go to the store I feel the need to buy shredded cheese.  I found 5 bags - ha!  I also found some sausage and cream cheese that needed to be eaten, so I whipped up my favorite rotel dip. Brad grilled steaks and mom came over to eat.  Addi was wound up and didn't go to sleep until 9:30ish.  It was a good day!

Sunday, we went to church and home for lunch.  It was too pretty outside to just sleep all afternoon like we normally would, instead, we went for a little run.  During our run, I ran into a friend that I haven't seen in years.  It was nice to catch up with him even if it was only for a few minutes.

 Last night, we ate this crockpot chicken (It was yummy and I can't wait to eat the leftovers!).  Addi and Jack were asleep by 7:00, so I was able to catch up on some TV.  Since season 4 of Downton Abbey just started, i'm trying to hurry up and finish season 3.

I'm having to "work" from home today b/c there is no power in my office building.  I took the kids to school so I could get some things to get done.  Laundry is calling my name!  I hope everyone has a great week!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Cold Weather and New Hair

Nine degrees.  NINE degrees!  Alabama weather is not supposed to be like this! Schools are even being delayed for the next couple of days because of the cold and the temp is going to drop even more tomorrow - crazy!  As I was walking from the car to my office building this morning I think I was the coldest I have ever been in my entire life.  I can't even imagine living somewhere that is like this all winter long. 

Brad and I are going to run our second 5K this Saturday, but this weather has put a dent in our daily runs.  I tried running outside one day last week and my cheeks were burning by the time I was finished.  Saturday, we went and bought a treadmill to help encourage us to keep it up even when it's nasty outside.  I forgot how much easier it is to run on a treadmill!  I love it!

On a completely different subject...every now and then I get the urge to do something completely different to my hair.  I always end up talking myself out of it though.  This time, however, I decided to go for it...

I know you can't really see the cut, but it's a bob and several inches shorter than what I had before.  Also, it's really dark for me.  I'm having to get used to the color.  At first I didn't really like it, but it has faded a little and blends in better, so i'm really liking it now.  Since my hair is naturally red, it doesn't hold color very well, so i'm not sure how long it will last, but i'm liking it for the moment!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

5 Months Old

I feel like a lot has gone on in this little man's life over the past month.  He has had his second double ear infection, experienced his first Christmas, started rolling over (both from his tummy to his back and his back to his tummy) and began eating baby food.  He's been a busy boy!  

Weight: I'm guessing somewhere between 16-17 lbs
Length: Not sure on this one either
Eating: He loves to eat!  We have recently started baby food.  So far he has tried apples and bananas (which he LOVED).  I went to the store today and bought some more food for him to try.  Right now i'm just trying out a new food every couple of nights and then once he's good with those, then I send them to daycare for them to feed him breakfast.  I can't really remember how often and how much food to give a baby - ha!  I know I will get the hang of it and we just have to get into a schedule of our own.  He's still learning how all of this eating food stuff works!
Sleeping:  He has been cat napping in between feedings for the past couple of weeks.  He goes to bed around 6:30/7:00 and sleeps until 5:45/6:00ish on weekdays.  Weekends he goes to bed at his normal time and then wakes up around 7:00.  After recently talking to a few friends about how their babies still get up during the night, i'm realizing how blessed we are that Jack loves his sleep.
Likes: Eating, sitting up so he can see everything, playing in his jumper, looking in mirrors, his sissy
Dislikes:  Tummy time!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!  2013 was a pretty hard year to beat.  The best thing that happened  was welcoming a beautiful baby boy into our little family.  He's such a blessing!  Even though we don't plan on adding any more little ones to our family this year, i'm excited to see what God has planned for us.

In 2014, I want LESS of me and MORE of Jesus.  I want Him to be my number one focus in EVERYTHING I do.  I want to spend time in His word like I never have before.  I want to worship Him with all of my heart, soul and mind everyday.  I want to make sure I'm teaching our children about His love. 

Just like everyone else I also have goals of losing weight, saving money and exercising moreHere are a few of those type of things that I want to accomplish this year:

1.  Lose 20 lbs.  I'm a little over 20 lbs away from my goal weight (what I weighed before I became pregnant with Addi).

2.  Run more.  Brad and I ran our first 5k a little less than a month ago, but I'm already wanting more.  I would like to run four 5k's and the Talladega Half Marathon in 2014.  Now I realize it might be a stretch for me to even think about running a half marathon, but it's not until September, so I think it's possible :)

3.  Purge.  Anything and I mean ANYTHING we have in our house that we haven't used in the last year, I want to get rid of.  We have too much stuff.   

4.  Blog more.  I really enjoy going back and reading posts about Addi from when I first started blogging.  I updated this thing a lot more back then.  I've done a crappy job of documenting our life over the past year.  Since this is my scrapbook of sorts, I don't want to forget anything.

Happy New Year!