Thursday, August 15, 2013

Losing the Baby Weight - Part One

I have never been more ready to lose weight and get healthy than I am right now.  I'm hoping this  "get fit" attitude lasts longer than a month!  While pregnant with Jack I gained 30 lbs (the actual number is a secret between the scale and I).  In the last two weeks, I have already lost this weight.  However, I am wanting to get back where I was before I got pregnant with Addi - which means I have about 50 lbs to go.  Yikes!

Obviously, since I just had a baby, I can't work out just yet. I have been trying to watch what I eat and have limited the amount of carbohydrates I intake.  I haven't completely eliminated them, but i'm trying to eat "good carbs".  Also, i'm giving myself a cheat day so I won't go too crazy.

I'm hoping that documenting my weight loss will help keep me accountable!

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