Saturday, May 11, 2013

Saturday at the Farm

This morning we loaded up the car and headed towards Addison, Alabama for the Alston family reunion.  We were almost there and I spotted some cows and told Addi to look out the window and see them.  She then said "I want to see piggies".  Brad and I looked at each other and he told me he didn't know anyone who had pigs she could see.  We went on down the road and finally arrived at our destination.  Right after we get there I spot a pig - haha!  Only in the country!  I walked Addi over to see the pig and the owner saw us looking at him and brought a huge bucket of sweet potatoes over to feed him, so Addi could see him better.  It turns out that this pig (named Pippa) is a pet.  He told Addi she could ride him if she wanted to, but I said "umm, no I think we will just look at him".  Here is Pippa...

 There were also a few horses in the same field as Pippa and Addi liked looking at them too.  There were also chickens... I was joking with Brad telling him that only at his family reunion would we see so many farm animals! haha!

I've mentioned before that Brad's family has a farm in this area, so after we ate lunch, Brad, Addi and I loaded up and went to the farm so Addi could see the cows a little closer up.  I took this picture while we were there - it's so pretty!

Most of the cows were under the trees by the pond, but by the time we left they were making their way towards us.  Addi loved "moo-ing" at them!

Addison is definitely in the country and there is not much there.  We stopped at a gas station for some drinks before we left and this tanning salon (which also is a deli/movie rental place) has a deer spray painted on the wall outside made me laugh a little!

After we got back home, Addi and I went to do some shopping and ran into Sadie!  We all ended up going to eat dinner at Chick-fil-a.  Addi was also happy because we saw her fav teacher and we were able to enjoy our time with them!  Now Addi and I are snuggled up in the bed watching Tangled - perfect ending to such a great day!  Here is one more pic of my sweet girl!  I tried to get her to pose next to the flowers at our mailbox.

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