Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Life has been crazy lately and I have been super tired.  This pregnancy is kicking my butt.  I just don't remember it being that bad with Addi.  I also wasn't taking care of a 3 year old and a hubby.  Oh yeah, and we have a new member of the family...

Meet Banjo.  Brad informed me about a month ago that we would be getting a puppy (Because apparently he thought I needed something else to take care of haha!).  Honestly, it really has been great for Addi.  I think her speech has improved so much because of it.  She talks to him and takes care of him.  She has also gone from having a huge fear of dogs to carrying him around EVERYWHERE!  Brad is in the process of fixing up his pen outside, so until then, he is staying with his parents.  He did stay with us for a few days inside, but I just can't handle taking care of a puppy right now.

Addi is growing and developing so much.  She is continuing to see her speech therapist twice a month.  I can really tell she is improving!  She surprises me everyday with things that she says.  The past couple of weeks, she has gone from having a huge fear of the bathtub (bugs in the tub???) to loving it again.   That was a rough week in the Alston household.  Try bathing a screaming/kicking toddler who is obviously scared to death of the tub - yeah, it wasn't fun.

We also had her second trip to the dentist...

When we went 6 months ago, it was a huge scream fest.  This visit was so much better.  She didn't cry, but she did whine a little and we had to kind of force her to lay back, but once the hygienist started cleaning her teeth she did great.  I was proud!

I haven't been feeling well lately.  My doctor's nurse came to the conclusion that I have been dehydrated.  I definitely haven't been drinking enough water, so I have made an effort to drink less caffeine and more water.  Also, this weather change has made my sinuses go crazy.  It started with a stuffy nose and has just gotten worse from there.  I hardly got any sleep last night, so I left work after lunch today to come home and get some rest.  Sudafed has been my friend today and hopefully I will get to feeling back to normal soon.  

Brad has been such a huge help.  I have pushed myself a little too far lately and he has stepped in like a champ.  There is still SO much to do and I could cry just thinking about it, but I know everything will get done.  I'm 27 weeks today, so I really don't have too much longer!  It's so unreal and I can't even imagine what life will be like once Jack enters this world.

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  1. Wishing I could just give you a big hug and thinking about you! Holy cow, I can't believe you're at 27 weeks! Won't be long now. :)