Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

I know it's already Wednesday, but I still wanted to write about our long weekend.  We managed to get a few things accomplished too!  Saturday, I went to Tuscaloosa because a co-worker was helping me make Jack's crib skirt.  It was an all day affair, but i'm SO glad it's finished!  I'll take a picture once we put the crib up.  While I was gone, my father-in-law painted the nursery!  Yay - another thing to cross off my never ending list!  He also ripped the carpet up to put in the hardwoods.  Everything that was in that bedroom is now in my living and dining room.  We are having a yard sale this weekend, so i'm hoping to get rid of everything I can.

{After church we went to Publix and she wanted the big cookie with M&M's}

After church on Sunday, we went to a welcome home party for one of our friends who just got back from Afghanistan.  It was a lot of fun and the house it was at had a swimming pool which Addi LOVED.  Speaking of swimming pool, this is the best $30 we have spent in a while...

She has so much fun just bouncing and splashing away.  She was in it A LOT this weekend!  I'm happy to say that I think she has her daddy's skin tone and will tan and won't burn like her mommy.

Monday, Brad cooked ribs, corn, baked beans and I made homemade ice cream for our Memorial Day festivities.  His parents came over to eat with us and we ended the day playing outside in the pool.

I guess we haven't caught up on our sleep because it's not even 7:30 and we are all piled up in the bed watching TV.  :)

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

An Unexpected Day Off

Yesterday, I received a phone call from my doctor's office and as soon as I heard my nurse's voice, I said "I didn't pass my glucose test, did I?".  Nope.  I barely missed the magic number.  I decided I better bite the bullet and go the next day to take the three hour test just to get it over with.  I really didn't know what to expect b/c I passed the hour long test with Addi.  To me the worst part about the whole thing was not being able to eat.  By the time the four hours was over with, I was starving!  I received a phone call this afternoon that I passed all three tests - Praise the Lord!

While I was waiting to take my test, I got a phone call from the daycare saying that Addi was laying down on the playground holding her neck under her ear.  I automatically thought her tubes had finally fallen out and she had an ear infection.  I immediately made a doctor's appointment for this afternoon since I was obviously going to be too late going to work anyways.  When I got to the church, she just looked like she had a crick (?) in her neck, but I was going to take her to get it checked out anyways.  She had also wet her pull-up last night and her nap mat today (which she NEVER does), so I was going to get her tested for a UTI while I was at the doctor just in case (she has also been fussier than usual)

Luckily, she just has a crick in her neck and no UTI!  He said she might be sore for a few days, but other than that, she's good to go.  

After making a pit stop for an ice cream cone for me and a milk shake for her, we made our way home.  When I opened my car door in the garage, I could smell the "clean".  It was the greatest thing ever!  I finally found someone to clean my house and she started today.  I'm not really sure where she has been all my life b/c she did a FANTASTIC job and I can't wait for her to come back!

Addi and I went outside to play with Banjo before coming in for bath time :)  She LOVES this puppy!

Monday, May 20, 2013

The Great Diaper Bag Debate of 2013

Ok - it all started with the purchase of the above bag.  Zulily had a great deal of Kalencom bags, so I immediately purchased one.  I thought this bag was a good compromise of something I would like and something Brad would like.  It finally came in the mail and I called Brad and told him I was so excited because Jack's diaper bag had come.  

I was in the bedroom when Brad got home from work and he immediately came in there and said "That is not my son's diaper bag and I refuse to carry it".  He said it looked like something we would have for Addi.  I thought the blue and green made it look "boy-ish", but I guess I was wrong.  We seriously joked and talked about this diaper bag for the rest of the night.  We finally came to the conclusion that I was going to sell it (I hate returning things I buy online) and we would keep looking.

This Petunia Pickle Bottom bag is the one I originally wanted.  Of course that one was nixed from the get go.  According to Brad it was definitely "too girly".  Pretty much everything I picked out fit in this category.  

The other night we went to Target to look around and I picked up a bag and really liked it.  I told Brad I thought it was "functional".  He then said he didn't think I knew that word - haha (he's right, most of the time I just go for looks and not functionality, but don't tell him I said that!).  I realized that with the perfect diaper bag, you need functionality - which for me is a large bag with plenty of storage, pockets and it also needs to be washable. 

After searching the internet, I finally found the perfect diaper bag for BOTH of us to carry.  I hate the thought of having two bags.  I will have an extra bag just in case one is in Brad's car or we accidentally leave it somewhere, but for the most part we will only use one.  I ended up ordering this one Friday...

It's the Skip Hop Bento Diaper Tote.  I haven't seen it in person yet (it's suppose to arrive this week), but I think it's going to be the perfect bag for us.  It has a ton of pockets, places for food storage, adjustable straps, stroller straps and much more.  Plus, here is the biggie, Brad even liked it!  

Even though he liked it, he has already gone to Academy to buy a camo diaper bag to carry - ugh!  I will definitely not be carrying that one at all!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Weekend Lovin'

We have had a pretty relaxing weekend and managed to still get a few things done.  Saturday morning my mom came over and we started cleaning out the soon to be nursery.  Brad helped haul everything to the attic b/c we finally have the flooring up there now.  We still need to take the bed down, paint and buy/put down the flooring.  

Banjo has been staying with my in-laws because the pen wasn't set up yet, so Addi went to play with him for a few hours Saturday afternoon.  We then rushed to get to a birthday party.  It was a swimming party and Addi didn't know what to think at first.  She hasn't been swimming very many times.  I took her to swimming lessons last year, but that only lasted one session and I quickly learned she just wasn't ready yet.  I really only wanted her to get used to the water.  Once Addi saw all of the kids swimming she told me she wanted to join them.  We had to fight her to get into her swimsuit and her life jacket, but once she was in the pool, we had to fight to get her out!

The water was FREEZING and all of the kids had blue lips and were shivering, but she was loving it!  Brad refused to get in b/c it was so cold, so they just hung out at the steps.  This morning after church the first the she said was she wanted to go see Jacob and Colyn and go swimming.  I'm sure we will be making many trips to the pool this summer!

After church, we made a trip to Sam's and Publix.  Addi went back over to Honey and Da's house to get Banjo (Brad put up his pen) and I was able to squeeze in a 2 1/2 hour nap - It was glorious!

We ended the night with hot dogs and watermelon.  I bought my first watermelon of the summer at Sam's and it is SO good!  Our dish washer is on the fritz, so we spent most of the night (it felt like it anyways) washing dishes.  I'm hoping we can get the dish washer fixed soon b/c washing dishes by hands is for the birds.

Addi and I are currently cuddled up in the bed watching Scooby-Doo (her new fav).  I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Happy Anniversary!

Five years ago yesterday, I married a pretty great guy if I do say so myself.  I honestly don't remember much about our wedding day - it felt like it went by so quickly and I didn't have time to take everything in.  Nerves and excitement just took over.  I do remember calling my hubby "a butt" as soon as we made our way back down the aisle after being introduced husband and wife.  When the preacher said "You may now kiss the bride", Brad proceeded to dip me when he gave me my kiss in front of over 350 people.  It would not have been a big deal, except my dress was extremely low cut and I came up from that kiss trying to hold everything in place.  He thought it was funny, but I tend to disagree :)

Since I had a doctor's appointment yesterday morning, I decided just to take the whole day off (why not, right?)  When they called me back to see the doctor, the nurse said you can go ahead and start drinking this...

I guess they forgot to tell me at my last appointment, but I had no clue this was going to happen at this visit.  Thankfully, I had only eaten a bowl of cereal a couple of hours before I got there.  I gulped it down and it's not as bad as people make it out to be.  I remember this one being much better than the one I had to drink with Addi.  The doctor said i'm measuring at 30 weeks (i'm currently 28 weeks) and as long as my blood pressure is not too high, I will see her again in a month and then once every 2 weeks.  I will have one more ultrasound at 32 weeks as well to monitor his growth and the marginal cord insertion issue.  Everything else looked good!  I really do love my doctor and changing doctor's after Addi was born was the best thing I could have ever done. 

After I left the hospital, I had a few errands to run and I somehow ended up at Dreamcakes.  They are my favorite cupcakes ever and any time i'm in the area I have to stop by!  I always get the Caramel Sea Salt Mocha (pictured on bottom) and this time I also got The Lunch Lady (yellow cake, strawberry jam and peanut butter icing).   The Lunch Lady is my new fav - I could eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich every day and this cupcake tasted just like one - it was so yummy!

I had to get my cupcakes and run because I had an appointment for my spa day that Brad and Addi got me for Mother's day/Anniversary.  It all started with an hour long prenatal massage, then I got a mini facial, manicure, pedicure and had my make up done.  It was all wonderful!

By the time I finished with everything it was around 6:30 and I ended up meeting Brad at the movies.  He wanted to see the new Star Trek movie and all I cared about was getting some popcorn and icee.  He bought our tickets for the 3D movie and this was the first time I have ever seen anything in 3D.  It was a little weird and i'm not sure I liked it, but the actual movie was better than I expected.

It was a great day!  I love Brad more than anything.  These past five years have turned out NOTHING like I had planned, but thank goodness God's plan is always better than mine.  We have been through a lot, but all of our trials have brought us closer together.  Thanking God today and everyday for my sweet hubby :)

Friday, May 17, 2013

2 Years

Two years ago yesterday, my dad passed away from a heart attack.  It's so hard to believe that it has already been that long since he has been gone.  I'm not really one who likes to show my emotions (even though these pregnancy hormones are raging and the tears just start flowing before I can stop them).  I would rather hold everything in and when I'm by myself, just have a good cry.  My mom is the exact same way.  I didn't cry yesterday, but that doesn't mean I don't miss him very VERY much. 

I think of how proud of us he would be.  He would love Addi to pieces and probably talk about her 24/7.  He would love that Brad and I are expecting a little boy and naming him Jackson.  Most importantly, he would be so proud of my mom.  She is really the strongest person I know.  My dad was sick for a long time and my mom put herself on the back burner to take care of him.  At one point, my dad, grandmother and Addi were all in the hospital at the same time.  In a year and a half my mom lost her mother, husband and brother.

Through the loss of my dad she has gained a group of amazing friends (who are all widows).  She has also begun to take care of herself through working out with a trainer and dieting (i'm planning on jumping on this bandwagon once Jack gets here!)  In three weeks, she has lost over 16 pounds.  I know my dad would love that she is doing this.

Last night, we invited mom over for dinner and Brad grilled us steaks, corn and I roasted some asparagus.  It was great just being together!  

God uses these tough times to not only make us stronger, but more importantly to bring us closer to Him.  I'm so grateful for the time I was able to spend with my dad, but I know he is with our Heavenly Father and I can't wait to see him again one day!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

28 Weeks

Apparently, the light in my bathroom is REALLY yellow and I look HUGE!  The other day at Publix the cashier asked me when I was due and when I told her August 6th she said "No, i'm thinking May".  Thanks lady!  All I could do was force a smile and walk away.

I really can't believe i'm 28 weeks already.  Have we even began on the nursery?  Umm, nope!  We still have to buy the flooring, paint the walls, make the bedding and pretty much buy everything to decorate.  I'm glad Brad and I both work better under stress.  We also need to make a trip to Buy Buy Baby to buy everything we need for his arrival.  Oh and he might need some clothes.  Yep, I would say I have my work cut out for me.  Praying he doesn't decide to come early!

How far along?  28 Weeks

Baby is the size of...  Chinese Cabbage

Best moment this week?  Yesterday, I came home to a clean house.  My sweet mommy cleaned it on her day off :)  Oh and I think i've finally found someone to clean my house - I meet her tomorrow for an estimate and I'm so excited.  I really need the help!

Miss anything?  I miss being able to bend over and shaving my legs is becoming difficult!

Movement?  Oh yeah.  All of the time!

Sleep?  Still sleeping like a champ, except i'm getting up once to use the restroom.

Food cravings?  Icees!  Also, I was really excited today when Haagen-Daz was giving away a free ice cream cone - I definitely went to get one after I got off work!

What makes you queasy/sick?  Just gross smells. 

Morning sickness?  Normally, no, but right now i'm feeling a little nauseous.

Other symptoms?  I think I have been having some Braxton Hicks contractions, but they aren't bad at all.

Gender?   It's a BOY

Looking forward to...  Friday - I have a doctor's appt that morning and i'm taking the rest of the day off to spend an afternoon at the spa.  For Mother's Day Brad and Addi bought me a "mommy to be" spa package.  Friday is also mine and Brad's 5 year anniversary!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Saturday at the Farm

This morning we loaded up the car and headed towards Addison, Alabama for the Alston family reunion.  We were almost there and I spotted some cows and told Addi to look out the window and see them.  She then said "I want to see piggies".  Brad and I looked at each other and he told me he didn't know anyone who had pigs she could see.  We went on down the road and finally arrived at our destination.  Right after we get there I spot a pig - haha!  Only in the country!  I walked Addi over to see the pig and the owner saw us looking at him and brought a huge bucket of sweet potatoes over to feed him, so Addi could see him better.  It turns out that this pig (named Pippa) is a pet.  He told Addi she could ride him if she wanted to, but I said "umm, no I think we will just look at him".  Here is Pippa...

 There were also a few horses in the same field as Pippa and Addi liked looking at them too.  There were also chickens... I was joking with Brad telling him that only at his family reunion would we see so many farm animals! haha!

I've mentioned before that Brad's family has a farm in this area, so after we ate lunch, Brad, Addi and I loaded up and went to the farm so Addi could see the cows a little closer up.  I took this picture while we were there - it's so pretty!

Most of the cows were under the trees by the pond, but by the time we left they were making their way towards us.  Addi loved "moo-ing" at them!

Addison is definitely in the country and there is not much there.  We stopped at a gas station for some drinks before we left and this tanning salon (which also is a deli/movie rental place) has a deer spray painted on the wall outside made me laugh a little!

After we got back home, Addi and I went to do some shopping and ran into Sadie!  We all ended up going to eat dinner at Chick-fil-a.  Addi was also happy because we saw her fav teacher and we were able to enjoy our time with them!  Now Addi and I are snuggled up in the bed watching Tangled - perfect ending to such a great day!  Here is one more pic of my sweet girl!  I tried to get her to pose next to the flowers at our mailbox.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Life has been crazy lately and I have been super tired.  This pregnancy is kicking my butt.  I just don't remember it being that bad with Addi.  I also wasn't taking care of a 3 year old and a hubby.  Oh yeah, and we have a new member of the family...

Meet Banjo.  Brad informed me about a month ago that we would be getting a puppy (Because apparently he thought I needed something else to take care of haha!).  Honestly, it really has been great for Addi.  I think her speech has improved so much because of it.  She talks to him and takes care of him.  She has also gone from having a huge fear of dogs to carrying him around EVERYWHERE!  Brad is in the process of fixing up his pen outside, so until then, he is staying with his parents.  He did stay with us for a few days inside, but I just can't handle taking care of a puppy right now.

Addi is growing and developing so much.  She is continuing to see her speech therapist twice a month.  I can really tell she is improving!  She surprises me everyday with things that she says.  The past couple of weeks, she has gone from having a huge fear of the bathtub (bugs in the tub???) to loving it again.   That was a rough week in the Alston household.  Try bathing a screaming/kicking toddler who is obviously scared to death of the tub - yeah, it wasn't fun.

We also had her second trip to the dentist...

When we went 6 months ago, it was a huge scream fest.  This visit was so much better.  She didn't cry, but she did whine a little and we had to kind of force her to lay back, but once the hygienist started cleaning her teeth she did great.  I was proud!

I haven't been feeling well lately.  My doctor's nurse came to the conclusion that I have been dehydrated.  I definitely haven't been drinking enough water, so I have made an effort to drink less caffeine and more water.  Also, this weather change has made my sinuses go crazy.  It started with a stuffy nose and has just gotten worse from there.  I hardly got any sleep last night, so I left work after lunch today to come home and get some rest.  Sudafed has been my friend today and hopefully I will get to feeling back to normal soon.  

Brad has been such a huge help.  I have pushed myself a little too far lately and he has stepped in like a champ.  There is still SO much to do and I could cry just thinking about it, but I know everything will get done.  I'm 27 weeks today, so I really don't have too much longer!  It's so unreal and I can't even imagine what life will be like once Jack enters this world.