Sunday, April 7, 2013

Vegas Vacation 2

Brad and I got home last night from our trip to Vegas this past week.  We had a great time, even though the majority of my time was spent in conferences.  Brad had fun exploring the city on his own during the day and then we would meet up at night to explore some more.  

We arrived at our hotel Tuesday night around 10 and we just went straight to the room b/c we were exhausted.  We stayed at the Aria and I loved it.  The last time we were there we stayed at a crappy hotel, but it's location was fantastic!  The Aria was really nice though and we definitely enjoyed our stay there.  The rooms were completely controlled by a touch-screen that was next to the bed.  At first it was a little to high tech for me, but I quickly learned how to use it and I wish we had the same set-up at home!  When we got there I decided to take a shower b/c I had been at work and then sat on an airplane most of the afternoon, so I just felt gross.  While I was in the shower, Brad went to get us some drinks and snacks.  During my shower, the lights completely went out.  I thought Brad was playing a trick on me, but I think the timer of the touch-screen control was set to turn the lights out at a certain time.  It definitely freaked me out - haha!

Wednesday, we ate breakfast at the cafe in the hotel.  I didn't realize it when ordering, but my glass of orange juice was $7.50!!! Yikes!  The food wasn't too expensive and it was really good.  We went to see Jersey Boys that night and it was really good.  I could have lived without hearing them use the "F" word a billion times, but other than that it was good!  I went with my co-worker b/c Brad is cheap and didn't want to pay for him a ticket :)  I think he would have liked it though!  Afterwards, Brad and I returned to the secret pizza place in the Cosmopolitan for a slice of pizza - so good!

My conference ended around 10:30 Friday morning, so we were able to explore Vegas together.  We walked A LOT.  I remember walking a good bit when we were there last summer, but walking on pregnant feet was horrible.  I bet we walked at least 7 miles Friday alone and man were my feet KILLING me by the time we got back to the hotel that night.  I'm still feeling the effects!  Brad treated both of us to a frozen hot chocolate from Serendipity and it made me forget the pain I was in for about 10 minutes :)  We went to the Bellagio, Caesar's Palace, Mandalay Bay, The Venetian and Treasure Island.  I needed to rest a little while, so we headed back to the Aria before hitting up the Monte Carlo, New York, New York, MGM and Excalibur.  Needless to say, we covered a lot of ground Friday!

Saturday morning Brad wanted "normal" food aka no croissants, crepes or quiche - we hit up Mickey D's instead.  We hung around the casino for a few hours before grabbing a taxi to the airport.  

Overall, we had a great trip and I was able to spend some much needed alone time with my hubby.  I really enjoy Vegas because there is so much to do.  Our next trip there will include visiting The Grand Canyon and The Hoover Dam.  There just wasn't enough hours in the day this go round.  However, Las Vegas is called "sin city" for a reason, and some of the things you see and hear are sad really.  There were a ton of people there with children and I just don't get that.  A lot of the stuff we saw made me uncomfortable and I can't imagine bringing Addi or Jack there.  

Even though we had a fun time, we were SO happy to see our Addi bug!  She has given us extra loves today and has been so sweet.  I think she missed us!

I didn't take my nice camera with us just because I didn't want to keep up with it, but I took these few pics with my phone...

 Our first morning in Vegas

 I haven't made a bump pic lately...He's growing!

In the conservatory at The Bellagio

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