Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Let the Updating Begin...

We have SO much to do in order to get ready for Jack's arrival.  The list seems to be never ending.  Along with transforming our guestroom upstairs into a nursery, Addi's room is getting an upgrade as well.  We will be putting new flooring in her room as well as a new coat of paint.  I'm also planning on painting the dresser in her room.

My past experience with painting furniture has not gone very well.  This time, i'm relying on Annie Sloan Chalk Paint to do the trick.  I will be practicing on the dresser in mine and Brad's bedroom before I tackle the one in Addi's room.  Last year, we painted our bedroom a light gray and bought dark gray bedding along with two mirrored nightstands.  This is the way our dresser currently looks (please excuse the dust)....

If all goes as planned, this baby will be "graphite" by this weekend.  I also need to be on the look out for some new hardware as well.  All of our furniture is hand me downs from when we got married (almost FIVE years ago!)  and there is no telling how old it was when we inherited it.  Our den furniture is the only thing new we have bought ourselves. 

I love making lists b/c it's fun to cross things off and it makes me feel like i'm actually accomplishing something.  So here are some of our "to-do's" over the next couple of months...

1.  Repair the hole in our ceiling and repaint it.
2.  Buy some wood flooring for the attic.
3.  Put new flooring in Addi's and Jack's room.
4. Paint both Addi's and Jack's room.
5.  Paint the dresser in mine and Brad's room.
6.  Paint Addi's dresser.
7.  Finish the bathroom downstairs.
8.  Finish the man cave (new floor, sheet rock, ceiling, build a closet to enclose the gun safe, etc)
9.  Put cabinets in our laundry room.

Yep, we will be VERY busy!  (Actually Brad and his friends will be busy, I will just be telling them what to do! haha)  I also have no idea how I want to do the nursery...I guess I need to get on Pinterest to get some ideas.  I can't wait to update everyone on our progress!   

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  1. I LOVE Annie Sloan paint! I used it to paint my piano, china cabinet, a buffet, and bar stools! It is SO easy to use!!! Can't wait to see the finished product!