Friday, March 15, 2013

We're Having A.....


We are SO excited to be having a little boy!  I told Brad in the waiting room before we went in for the ultrasound that I wanted a little boy so bad, but that probably meant we were going to have a girl - haha.  Of course I would not be disappointed with a little girl, but I'm elated to have one of each!

We had already decided on the name Jackson Bradley several weeks ago.  Jackson is my maiden name and obviously Bradley is my hubby's name.   We are going to call him Jack for short.

Everything looked great with my ultrasound except they found that I have something called "marginal cord insertion".  I have never heard of this, but apparently the umbilical cord is supposed to go in the middle of the placenta and mine goes in on the side.  Later in my pregnancy this could affect the baby's growth and they might have to take him early.  Right now the baby and organs are growing just fine, and there is nothing for us to be concerned about.  The doctor just wants to have a few more ultrasounds as my pregnancy goes along.  

Other than that, my appointment went great!  I knew the whole losing weight while pregnant thing wouldn't last.  I finally gained two pounds.  My appetite has definitely increased these past few weeks.  Speaking of appetite, I have been craving pickles!  I can't get enough, but I will only eat the whole dill pickles - you know the ones you used to buy at the ball park concession stand?? YUM!

I'm so excited to finally know what we are having.  It makes things more "real".  I'm going shopping tomorrow to find Jack something to wear (I'm even excited about dressing a boy...Brad has given me strict rules about his wardrobe and I was told I can't dress him like a girl - haha) and next I need to start thinking about the nursery.  It honestly hasn't crossed my mind much, but we need to get busy planning!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. We have the no girl rule. Polo, Old Navy, and Children's Place have good non-girlie boy clothes. Looks like the nursery is going to seriously be filled with boys. haha. Congratulations! Happy for you!

  2. I'm so excited for you! I know Addi will be a wonderful big sister (and she can take care of the "dressing him like a girl" and applying makeup in a few more years!)