Sunday, March 17, 2013

Boys Clothing and Pretty Weather

A sweet friend from church gave me an early shopping pass to a huge consignment sale in the Birmingham area.  This is the first sale since I found out that we are having a boy, so I was pumped to get shopping.  Let me preface all of this by saying I LOVE a good consignment sale.  It's the best way to get smocked/boutique clothing for a fraction of the price.  Pretty much 80% of Addi's clothes come from these sales.  I will take a $70 outfit for $20 any day!

I know little girls' clothing like the back of my hand.  I can rattle off 20 name brands, I know how they all fit and I know what I like.  Even my friends can see an outfit and be like "yep, Mary Beth would buy that for Addi".  I'm kind of obsessed with dressing Addi and I'm really particular about what she wears.  

Now lets get to shopping for Jack.  I arrived at the sale ready to shop and I couldn't wait to get started....until I got to the HUGE rack of boy clothes.  I stood there like I have never bought baby clothes before.  I had no clue what to do and it was the weirdest feeling.  Finally I remembered that babies pretty much live in onesies for the first few months, so I started there.  That's pretty much all I bought.  I'm just going to wait until closer to his arrival before I buy any more clothes.  I then drifted over to shop for Addi and I felt much more at home - haha.  Her closet is pretty much overflowing, so I only bought her two little outfits.

After my morning shopping experience (Brad approved of all my purchases BTW, so I guess I didn't buy anything too "girly" haha), Brad, Addi and I headed out for lunch and to run some errands.  We hit up Lowes and Home Depot because Brad wanted to start working in the yard since the weather was so perfect and he needed some supplies.  Addi was in the best mood and was great in all of the stores we went to.  Once home, we played outside some before Addi crashed and was in bed about 7:30.  It was such a great day!

Today, we went to church, small group and lunch with Brad's parents.  They ended up taking Addi home with them, so I was able to take a good nap!  I only slept for about an hour, but It felt like 5.  It was absolutely wonderful!  Addi played outside with Brad's parents all day and then we played again when she got home.  She loves being outdoors and isn't afraid to get dirty.   I, on the other hand, would rather be inside where it's nice and cool and there aren't any bugs!  (Unless I'm on the beach!)

We had such a great weekend and I hope y'all did too!

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