Monday, March 11, 2013

3 Year Check-Up

This little girl got TWO stickers at the doctor today b/c she was a spectacular patient!

She weighed 36 lbs (90th percentile) and was 39 inches tall (94th percentile).  She took her Doc McStuffins stethoscope and listened to Dr. Lytle's heart!   After our horrible visit to the eye doctor last week, I asked my mom to meet us there in case things got a little out of control.  She was such a big help! Nurse Melanie saved the finger prick until after we saw Dr. L b/c we weren't sure how Addi would handle it.  We all stood in amazement when Addi didn't even act like she was going to cry.  She just sat there and watched her take blood from her tiny little finger.  I couldn't believe how good she was!  Not only did she get two stickers for being so good, but I took her to get a milkshake afterwards (I may have gotten one too!)

Dr. L said he was very pleased with how far she has come and he always tells us that she is our little miracle.  The only thing we really have to work on is her sleeping in her big girl bed.  Hopefully, this will happen before baby #2 arrives!

Speaking of baby #2, we find out Thursday if Addi will have a little brother or sister!  I'm SO excited!

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