Tuesday, February 26, 2013

It's Been A While

Addi was sent home from daycare yesterday b/c she was having some symptoms of a horrible stomach bug that's making it's way through her class.  Brad even had it this past weekend and it was BAD.  However, since I picked her up yesterday, she hasn't had any more symptoms.  I decided to keep her home today just in case, but so far so good!

We have had a lot going on these past few weeks.  I thought I would show you what we have been up to in pictures.  I haven't gotten my nice camera out in I don't know how long, so iPhone pics will have to do...

We have had SO much rain lately, but there were a few weekends when the weather was perfect for playing outside.  My bff Janna and her hubby just happened to be in town during one of those beautiful weekends, so we had a date at the park and then we went for ice cream.  It's always great hanging out with them and I miss Janna SO much!

A couple of Friday's ago, the weather was just too perfect to be stuck inside at work, so I left early, went to pick up my Addi bug and we headed to the park again.  She had the best time (until it was time to leave of course)  I'm so ready for spring weather and many more play days at the park!

We let our sweet neighbor and new mommy borrow a baby swing we had.  When she returned it, Addi claimed it as her own and this is how I found her one day.  She was rocking her baby :)  Such a good little mommy!

Miss priss is full of personality and this is the look I get most days.  Brad said she is acting just like me when she gives these looks.  Haha, he may be right!

Our little girl turns 3 on Monday.  I still can't comprehend this!  I was going through some old pictures and came across this one.  Addi would always sleep with her little legs up like that and Brad and I would always say she looks like a little froggy.  I think this one was taken when she was 7 days old - It's hard to believe she was ever this small.  

I really am going to try to update this thing more often!

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  1. Oh this nasty stomach virus!! It has gone through both Jake and Parker, and now thanks to their visit with my family this past weekend, my niece has it. I'm keeping fingers crossed for Addi that it stays away. And I'm like you, Mary Beth...always, always, blown away at how fast time flies with the littles. :)