Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunday Funday

We have had a full Sunday of fun!  After church, Addi went home with my mom so she could spend some quality time with her and so Brad and I could go to our small group.  Aunt Sissy and Cecil were making a trip to B'ham and they stopped by my mom's house while Addi was there. Addi LOVES Cecil and Sissy :)  They played and had so much fun.

After church, small group and a yummy lunch at Kinomi, we had a birthday party to attend at a local skating rink.  I haven't been skating since my 12th birthday party at this same place.  If I wasn't pregnant I would have definitely put on some skates and made a few rounds.  :)

I didn't know if Addi would want to skate, but sure enough as soon as we walked in she said "I wanna skate!".  So we went and got her fitted and she just skated right out to the middle of the rink and had the best time!  Brad and I just took turns walking behind her making sure she didn't fall.  She didn't fall too much, but every time she did, she just busted out laughing - haha!  She even started crying when we had to leave.

Brad and I have already talked about buying her a little pair of skates for her b'day.  I see many more trips there in the future!!  It definitely wore her out b/c she is already asleep in her bed and it's only 6:00!

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