Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas Day

Since Christmas was a week ago, I guess it's time to blog about our Christmas Day.  In my family growing up we would always have Santa at home Christmas morning and then head to my Granny's house to open presents there.  I wish I had a pic on my computer of all the presents  under my Granny's tree.  It was complete craziness.  We would all pack in her living room and paper would go flying.  As a little kid it was so exciting b/c I would have presents stacked up so high!  Brad's family would travel on Christmas morning as well.  

Since we are only children we don't have to fight for a time to open presents with our parents.  My mom spends the night with us Christmas Eve night and watches Addi open her presents from Santa and then we go to Brad's parent's house and they only live a couple of miles from our house.

This year was a lot of fun, but Addi still doesn't understand the whole Santa thing.  We were able to get up and eat breakfast before opening gifts.  I'm sure this will be the last year that will happen!  

Addi's favorite gift (she's actually playing with it right now) is an easel w/a dry erase board on one side and chalk board on the other.  She could sit there and draw for hours!  Here are a few pics of this year's Christmas morning.   Notice there aren't any family pics b/c we never got out of our jams!  Maybe next year ;)

Brad checking out his watch I bought him.  :)

It's so hard to believe that next year there will be two little ones in our house Christmas morning!  I can't wait!

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