Friday, January 25, 2013

12 Weeks

Excuse another self-portrait in the mirror and please ignore Addi's bathroom that desperately needs a scrubbing - maybe I will get to that this weekend (doubtful).  I went to the doctor last week and everything looked great.  I thought I would have at least gained a lb or two, but I actually lost a little weight.  

How far along?  12 Weeks

Baby is the size of...  a key lime

Best moment this week?  Well, since I have missed week 11, the best moment of last week was hearing this sweet baby's heartbeat (171).  This week was pretty blah...just work and relaxing at home with the fam.

Miss anything?  I miss being able to sleep through the night without having to get up once or twice to use the restroom

Movement?  I know this is crazy and really early, but this week I felt a TINY flutter.  I didn't feel anything with Addi until about 17 weeks, but I googled when you are supposed to feel the baby move and it said sometimes during 2nd pregnancies you can feel the baby move as early as 13 weeks.  Anyways, it hasn't happened again, so it probably wasn't anything.

Sleep?  I'm still getting up once or twice to use the restroom.  I bought a Snoogle yesterday and attempted to sleep with it last night.  That thing is really big and I'm just not used to sleeping with anything like that.  I could see where I would like it later on down the road, but I'm just going to have to get used to it until then!  I slept only a few hours last night b/c Addi coughed the whole night :(  

Food cravings?  Nope, not this week. 

What makes you queasy/sick?  As I mentioned before, Addi is potty training and still working on going #2 in the potty.  Well, she went in her pull-up during the night and that made me throw up for the first time since I've been pregnant.  Yucky.  Brad is on poo-poo duty until I have this baby.  Also, since this happened, she has gone #2 in the potty after telling us she had to go!!

Morning sickness?  I get sick when I don't eat enough.

Other symptoms?  Still tired!

Gender? Too early.  Although if you go by the old wives tale that a high heart rate means you are having a girl, then Addi will have a sister.  I have had two friends tell me their boys had a heart rate in the 170's....we will find out in March!

Looking forward to...  I'm looking forward to cleaning out our guestroom and transforming it into a nursery and my next doctor's appt is on Valentine's Day...I can't wait to hear that precious heart beat again!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


It snowed in Alabama last week!  I had to leave work early to pick up Addi from daycare b/c they were closing early.  The roads were starting to get bad, but thankfully we made it home safely.   Also, i'm probably the only mom who didn't let her child get out and play in the snow - it's too cold and wet and I was feeling crummy.  We looked at it from inside the warm cozy house.  Maybe next year!  I did take one picture of our house (from inside my car haha)

We had gorgeous weather this past weekend, so Addi and I took advantage of it and went outside to play...

In potty training news - we are potty trained (she's even been staying dry at night)! Well, except for #2 - yuck.  She did poo-poo in the potty for the first time the other night at none other than the local K-Mart.  Yep, you read that right, K-Mart.  We went to eat dinner at a restaurant in the same shopping center and I wanted to run in to get a few things.  Well, Addi was sitting in the buggy like normal until she got this look on her face like she HAD to go.  I picked her up and started SPRINTING towards the back of the store.  Well, the restrooms are in the front of the store, so we SPRINTED the other way.   I  got her there just in the nick of time and she did her business.  I can't believe I let my child sit on the potty at K-Mart, but it had to be done and I was proud of her none the less. :)

In other news, I have jumped on the Downton Abbey bandwagon.  I'm obsessed.  I started watching season 1 on Netflix Saturday and i'm almost done and I can't wait to start season 2.  It's SO good!

I hope everyone has a great week!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Potty Training

Over the past six months or so we have tried to potty train Addi, but I wasn't very serious about it.  When I say potty train, I mean giving it a try for about 1/2 a day and then get frustrated and put a pull-up back on her.  I had several other moms say not to push her and when she's ready it will happen.  Well, that's exactly what I did.  I told myself that at the first of the year I would begin really trying to work with her on it since she will be 3 in March.

This past Monday was the big day and I took several changes of clothes and big girl panties to school.  Day #1 she had two accidents (her teacher said she REALLY didn't like that!).  Days # 2 and #3 she's had zero accidents!!  I'm SO proud of her!  I have been keeping the big girl panties on her until bedtime and then she goes back into a pull-up.  

I'm going to enjoy these next 7 months of being diaper free before baby A arrives!!

Monday, January 7, 2013

10 Weeks

First of all, I feel HUGE already.  How do I already have a bump??  I guess it's those extra lb's I never lost with Addi and the fact that this is baby #2 and my body is already stretched out?  Also, this was my first time ever taking a pic of myself in the mirror and I felt really stupid - haha. I thought a bump picture and these questions I stole from one of my fav blogs to read, Loved and Lovely would be a great way to keep up with everything week to week.  Here it goes...

How far along?  10 Weeks

Baby is the size of...  an olive

Best moment this week?  Going several days without taking any Zophran :)

Miss anything?  Coke!!!  One of my weaknesses is an ice cold coke.  Not the fake stuff, not diet, but REAL Coca-Cola.  As much as I love it, it just makes me sick :(  I keep trying to drink it thinking I might get over it, but right now it's a no go.

Movement?  Still too early

Sleep?  I've been getting up once or twice during the night to use the restroom, but other than that i'm sleeping great.  However, I'm going this week to buy a Snoogle b/c I know the time will come when sleep wont come easy and I will be so uncomfortable.

Food cravings?  I haven't had any major food cravings, but any type of fruit or orange juice i'm all about right now.  Especially sparkling grape juice!!  I can't get enough of the stuff.  I'm extra thirsty all of the time as well.  I'm going to have to cut back on the fruit juices b/c of all the sugar, but that's all I want!

What makes you queasy/sick?  Soft drinks and Mexican food.  Also, my office building is attached to a mall, so at lunch time most people in the building go to the food court.  The mixture of smells like McDonalds, Sbarro and Manchu Wok on the elevator make me want to gag.

Morning sickness?  I get queasy, but I haven't thrown up yet.  It also mainly happens at night when I lay down.  Weird.

Other symptoms?  I'm just REALLY tired all of the time.

Gender? Too early.

Looking forward to...  I'm looking forward to cleaning out our guestroom and transforming it into a nursery.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunday Funday

We have had a full Sunday of fun!  After church, Addi went home with my mom so she could spend some quality time with her and so Brad and I could go to our small group.  Aunt Sissy and Cecil were making a trip to B'ham and they stopped by my mom's house while Addi was there. Addi LOVES Cecil and Sissy :)  They played and had so much fun.

After church, small group and a yummy lunch at Kinomi, we had a birthday party to attend at a local skating rink.  I haven't been skating since my 12th birthday party at this same place.  If I wasn't pregnant I would have definitely put on some skates and made a few rounds.  :)

I didn't know if Addi would want to skate, but sure enough as soon as we walked in she said "I wanna skate!".  So we went and got her fitted and she just skated right out to the middle of the rink and had the best time!  Brad and I just took turns walking behind her making sure she didn't fall.  She didn't fall too much, but every time she did, she just busted out laughing - haha!  She even started crying when we had to leave.

Brad and I have already talked about buying her a little pair of skates for her b'day.  I see many more trips there in the future!!  It definitely wore her out b/c she is already asleep in her bed and it's only 6:00!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Goals

Our New Year's Eve was VERY low key and spent at home together as a family.  We were all in bed by 10:30. 

I'm not very good at setting resolutions and then actually following through with them.  I have a lot of "to-do's" that will have to be done before baby A arrives in August.  Here is a list of things that I need to accomplish along with a few other goals that I would like to achieve in 2013...

1. Finish the bedroom downstairs - this will become our new guestroom
2.  Finish the bathroom downstairs
3.  Make the current guestroom upstairs a nursery
4.  Put flooring in the attic for extra storage
5.  Get rid of EVERYTHING that hasn't been worn or used in the last year
6.  Be more organized in general
7.  Spend more time in God's word

Brad has already been working hard and making tons of trips to the goodwill bins.  We just have so much stuff that has been in boxes since we moved into this house 2 1/2 years ago.  It's got to go!

I hope everyone has a great 2013!

Christmas Day

Since Christmas was a week ago, I guess it's time to blog about our Christmas Day.  In my family growing up we would always have Santa at home Christmas morning and then head to my Granny's house to open presents there.  I wish I had a pic on my computer of all the presents  under my Granny's tree.  It was complete craziness.  We would all pack in her living room and paper would go flying.  As a little kid it was so exciting b/c I would have presents stacked up so high!  Brad's family would travel on Christmas morning as well.  

Since we are only children we don't have to fight for a time to open presents with our parents.  My mom spends the night with us Christmas Eve night and watches Addi open her presents from Santa and then we go to Brad's parent's house and they only live a couple of miles from our house.

This year was a lot of fun, but Addi still doesn't understand the whole Santa thing.  We were able to get up and eat breakfast before opening gifts.  I'm sure this will be the last year that will happen!  

Addi's favorite gift (she's actually playing with it right now) is an easel w/a dry erase board on one side and chalk board on the other.  She could sit there and draw for hours!  Here are a few pics of this year's Christmas morning.   Notice there aren't any family pics b/c we never got out of our jams!  Maybe next year ;)

Brad checking out his watch I bought him.  :)

It's so hard to believe that next year there will be two little ones in our house Christmas morning!  I can't wait!