Wednesday, October 10, 2012

2 1/2 Years

I have posted a few tid bits here and there about everything Addi is up to lately, but I haven't done a full blown blog since she turned 2 1/2.  So, here it goes...

My little munchkin is just so stinkin' cute, I want to eat her up with a spoon!  She has the best laugh and it's so contagious.  She loves to tickle us.  The other night I was getting on to her for telling me "no" (which is still her favorite word btw) and right after I got on to her, she looked at me and said "tickle, tickle, tickle" as fast as she could and began trying to tickle her daddy - haha.  I couldn't help but laugh at her and immediately forgot what I was getting on to her about, which i'm sure was her little motive!

She also has this new thing where she wants "dip" with anything she eats.  Before I even set her plate down for her to see what we are having for dinner, she starts saying "dip pease".  She was dipping her breadstick in ketchup the other night - disgusting!  I made roasted carrots (sidenote - I've decided I can eat any veggie as long as it's roasted w/just a little olive oil, salt and pepper - yum!) she grabbed one and took a bite and immediately spit it out.  I'm convinced she thought it was a cheeto when she first saw it!  She could probably use some better eating habits, but she still eats well at school.  Her fav foods are yogurt, oatmeal, bananas (which she has just gone from calling them "nana's" to "beanas"??), chips, pizza and yogurt.  

Whenever I fix her hair she wants it in "tails".  Her teacher at school has been putting it in pig tails and she loves it.  I'm glad she is starting to let me play with her hair, but I honestly have no clue what to do with it other than "tails" or a just pulling it back.  I tried french braiding it, but her hair is so fine that it looked a mess.  

The song "Tomorrow" is still a hit in our house.  I have a video of her singing it, but it was right after bath time and i'm not all for putting naked videos of my child for everyone on the internet to see, so I will try to take one while she is clothed :)  She could seriously sit in front of a mirror and sing that song over and over again.  She mainly just sings "oooomorrow, oooomorrow, day aaaaaa wwwwaaaaayyyy"  over and over.  She ALWAYS requests to watch "Annie AND Sandy", never just "Annie".  

Thanks to one of my bff's at work, Addi has a closet slap full of clothes that should last her all the way through NEXT winter!  I'm so thankful for hand me downs, especially those that I wouldn't necessarily be able to afford otherwise. Right now she can wear 2t/3t stuff, but most of the clothes I was given was 4t, so she will wear them this year and prob next in order to make use of them better as long as they don't swallow her hole :)  I have banned myself from shopping for her until the first of the year.  Except for shoes, it's amazing how much that little foot of hers grows and I can't just buy the cheap shoes b/c she wears a wide.  I have to buy the expensive stuff. 

Now on to potty training.  I received this note from her teacher yesterday on her daily report...

She has been telling us she needs to potty and then about 80% of the time she actually goes.  I have not been pushing it at all, but if she asks, I definitely take her.  I have been giving her smarties as a reward, so I don't know if she's doing it because she really has to or because she gets candy.  Apparently, her teacher said she's been going at school as well.  We will try to start full on potty training come Monday.  I'm hoping and praying for good results, but i'm not holding my breath!

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