Monday, September 10, 2012


Our weekend started after work on Friday when I met Brad, his dad and Addi for dinner.  Addi and I then convinced daddy to take us to Yogurt Mountain.  This little girl LOVES her some YM! 

Saturday's in the fall are ALL about football in our house.  I even noticed myself getting into the Arkansas and Georgia games and I NEVER am one to pay much attention or even comment about what's going on.  I think Brad liked the fact that I was actually getting into it :)  Whenever we watch football together he always asks me which team I'm pulling for.  I usually glance up at what they are wearing or just randomly pick a team in order to give him a quick answer - haha.  Saturday night, however, we were both pulling for Arkansas and Georgia to win.  (OK, I can't believe I just wrote a whole paragraph about football - haha!)

I missed watching both Alabama and Auburn play early that afternoon b/c I went to one of my very good friend's wedding.  Brad thinks it's a sin to get married during football season, so I left him at home and took my bff Sadie as my date :)  It was such a beautiful wedding and reception (which included fried pickles - yum!).  I failed to take any pictures, but the photographer was able to capture our entire group of friends (minus Lindsay and Shannon who both live out of state) with the bride.  I'm so happy for Heather and Wes and I hope they have a wonderful time honeymooning in St. Lucia!

We did the usual Sunday thing at the Alston house - church, grocery, pizza, naps and laundry.  I still have SO many more loads of laundry to do until i'm all caught up.  I think it's never ending!  

Tonight is Addi's first dance class!  I hope she likes it and does well, but if not, we will try something else :)  I hope everyone has a great week!

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