Monday, September 17, 2012

Weekend and Dancing Queen

Our weekend started out with a much needed date night for Brad and I.  Addi was spending the night with his parents, so we took advantage of our alone time and went to a local Japanese restaurant - yum!  We really need to have date nights more often b/c it was great sitting there talking to him without hearing "mommy! daddy!" over and over again.  Don't get me wrong, I missed that little booger, but it's always nice to have adult conversation every now and then!

Saturday morning I went to a consignment sale with my sweet neighbor who is expecting her first baby next year.  I wasn't too impressed with the sale, but I did walk away with a few outfits for daycare since almost everything was half off.  I did spot this beauty...

I had to take a picture b/c I knew if Brad was with me then he would have bought this outfit - haha.  In fact, I showed him the pic of it when I got home and he said he couldn't believe I walked out of there without that outfit in my hand (being dead serious!).

The remainder of Saturday was spent cleaning, cooking and watching football with good friends.  

Addi LOVES our friends little boys Jacob and Colyn.  Jacob, or Tacob as Addi calls him, was spending the night with grandparents, but she had a great time playing with Colyn!  When he saw Addi he said "There's my girlfriend!"  So precious!  Here are a few pics of them together...

Sunday, after church, we went to lunch w/mom and then made a Wal-Mart run for a new weedeater.  While we were in wally world, I wanted to buy Addi the movie Annie.  Annie was my favorite movie growing up and I thought she would like all of the music and dancing.  Luckily, I found it in the $5 bin!  So far, she loves it!

Tonight was dance class #2.  She did much better and participated a little bit more.  We are still going to give her a few more weeks before I decide if she's too young or not.  I think her favorite part of dance class is getting a sucker at the end :)

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  1. Hi! I am visiting you back, after your sweet comment on my blog.

    How wonderful that your weekend started out with a date night...lucky! It's a good thing you do the shopping for the beautiful little girl and not your husband :). And, lastly, you just saved me. My daughter loves Annie (in fact, she has an invisible friend named Annie)...her DVD broke and I didn't know where to find another inexpensive copy...THANK YOU!!!