Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dance Class and Potty Training

Monday night Addi had her first dance class.  She wasn't very thrilled to be going into the room without me, but after I walked out she was fine.  After the class was over, she came out grinning with a blue sucker!  They said she did fine, but didn't really like to stay in her spot :)  The class starts at age 2 1/2, but I wanted them to tell me if they thought she was too young.  The whole reason I signed her up was b/c I actually thought she would enjoy it and have fun meeting new little girls.  I'm not going to push it if she doesn't like it or causes a scene - haha.  These are the only pics I took of her in her leotard. She was refusing to cooperate with me!

Even though Addi is one of the youngest in the class, she still towers over everyone.  Everywhere we go, someone always comments on how tall she is once I tell them her age.  I never really notice it unless we are around other kids her age.  Who knows, maybe she will be a Rockette or Volleyball player one day?

We are still working on the whole potty training thing.  I'm not pushing it at all and figure that when she is ready we will work on it.  She still likes to go and sit on the potty at school and at home, but most of the time nothing comes of it.  Although, last night, she came up to me and said "I poo poo".  I checked her and she was still clean, so Brad took her to the potty and she poo-poo'd in the potty for the first time!  She was SO proud of herself!  I danced around like a crazy person did a little dance, sang a little song and gave her a pack of gummies as her prize!  I'm not holding my breath that she used the potty at school today, but we will see!

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