Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Goal Update

Wow, I just realized how horrible I am doing with my August goals...

I was right on track with the couch to 5k until I got sick earlier this week.  I feel like I have been run over by a truck.  I'm thinking it my just be allergies, but I might make a trip to the doctor tomorrow morning.  Until then, tonight I'm going to get some Chinese food (it always makes me feel better when I'm feeling crummy) and go home to rest.  Maybe I can catch up with my running next week!

I was doing great with putting a little into savings each week to reach my goal amount, until my debit card was compromised and someone in China decided to spend a big chunk of change on some comic book/gaming site.  Lovely.  Once that is all settled, I will be back to saving!  I never realized how much I use my debit card.  I have definitely spent less money the past week, since I can't just whip out my card.  

We spent a little more at the grocery this week than I would have liked (the hubs tagged along), but I have only been once and i'm really trying to be creative and eat what's in our pantry.  That's huge!  Usually I go two or three times during a week and always buy more than that one item I ran in for.

Studying the book of Romans is the only thing that I'm actually on track with!

We haven't even touched Addi's room yet.  Maybe this weekend? 

I still have two weeks until the end of the month, so hopefully I can get my hiney in gear and get some things accomplished!

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