Sunday, July 22, 2012

Vegas - Day Two

After a great night of sleep, we all got ready and then went to eat brunch at Hash House A Go Go.  Word of advice - if you are planning on eating here definitely consider splitting a plate.  Brad, Wes and Lindsey ordered the chicken and waffles while I went with roasted chicken hash.  Everything was super yummy!  

SO much food!

It was raining after we ate breakfast so we caught the monorail and went to Bally's.  We hung out there for a little while and bought our tickets to see Taylor for Saturday night.  Then we made our way to Paris.  I loved how everything inside looked like we were outside - so pretty!  We meant to go back to the Eiffel Tower at night, but we just ran out of time.  It's on our list of to-do's for next time.  

Next stop was the Bellagio.  This hotel was my absolute favorite that we saw.  Everything about it was elegant and grand - I loved it!  We roamed around some of the shops and Brad refused to buy me a Louis Vuitton bag - don't think I didn't ask for one!  We made our way around to the conservatory.  It was beautiful!  Here a few pictures from the Bellagio...


Lindsey had read about a "secret" pizza place in the Cosmopolitan.  It doesn't have a name and there are no signs telling you where it is.  I forget which floor it's on, but you just walk down this hallway and there it is.  It was kind of an adventure finding it :)  It was delish too!  I really liked the Cosmopolitan as well.  It had a very modern and posh feel to it.

We then made our way to the MGM Grand.  We couldn't wait to see the lion exhibit, but after wondering around the hotel and a few Google searches, we realized it closed earlier this year - bummer.  However, we did see Brad Garrett walking through the hotel (very quickly).

By this point, our feet and legs were hurting so bad from all of the walking we had done.  We decided to go ahead and take the monorail to go see The Venetian because we knew if we went back to the hotel for a nap, we wouldn't feel like going later.  The Venetian is a beautiful hotel. It reminded me a lot of Paris.  We shopped around for a while and made our way to the gondola ride.  I really liked the gondola ride.  It was kind of pricey considering it didn't last very long, but it was nice to just sit down for a few minutes.  Our Gondolier told us that about four couples a day (i'm guessing on a weekend) get married on their wedding gondola - that's way more than I would have guessed!
 Wes and the live statue
 Inside The Venetian
 The tree people
 Such a sweet couple

After all of that walking around, it was nap time!  The rest of day two needs it's own post...I will tackle that tomorrow :)

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