Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Vegas - Day One

Brad and I both worked a half day Thursday because our plane didn't leave until 5:40 pm. We met up with our friends Wes and Lindsey and off we went!  I haven't flown in about 6 years, so I was a little anxious.  After the plane took off, I was good to go and everything went smoothly.  Vegas really is in the middle of nowhere.  Looking out of the window before we landed all we saw was what seemed to be desert - we had never seen anything like that before.

We took a cab ride and went to get settled in our hotel before our dinner reservations at 10:00.  We stayed at the Imperial Palace and it was definitely not the nicest hotel by any means, but it was cheap and in a perfect location!  We weren't in the room much anyways so it didn't really matter.  Thanks to Lindsey's "sandwich technique" at check-in we were able to get a room upgrade which included the biggest bathtub I have ever seen (inside the room itself of course - classy!).

We freshened up and went to our dinner reservations at Mesa Grill - yum!!  I enjoyed a baby romaine salad and the mango + spice crusted tuna steak while Brad ordered the black angus new york strip steak and we split an order of mashed potatoes.  Lindsey ordered the grilled chicken and Wes ordered a steak as well.  Everything was delicious, but after taking a bite of Brad's steak I wish I would have ordered one for myself.  We don't normally go to really nice restaurants at home.  The "fanciest" place we normally eat at is Olive Garden - haha.  I can't believe my cheap loving hubby remained seated at the table after viewing the menu, but i'm glad he did b/c it was worth every penny :)

We roamed around Caesars Palace for the remainder of the night and then headed back to the hotel for a good night's sleep!


  1. Sounds like so much fun. The first time we went to Vegas was when me and Ben got engaged and we stayed at Imperial Palace too. The location is definitely what makes it work! ;)

  2. I'm so jealous! I definitely have Vegas on my "to-do" list!