Monday, July 16, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Well, we are back from our short, yet fabulous, trip to Las Vegas!  I'm not exactly sure how i'm still awake right now.  I don't have a ton of vacation at work and what I do have mainly goes towards anytime I have to take off with Addi, so I'm at work right now running on about 2 hours of sleep b/c we didn't get home until around 2:30 this morning.  A large caramel mocha from Mickey D's and some chewy sprees are the only things keeping me from falling out of my chair.  

Even though we didn't get to see everything we wanted to, we still had a great time!  We have already started our "to-do" list for the next trip.  I haven't been on a "big" vacation in about 6 years and it was much needed.  I felt really guilty leaving Addi at home while Brad and I went on a vacation, but we really needed the time together.  Plus she was in great hands with my mom and his parent's.  I can't wait to see her this afternoon!   

In order to remember everything we did, i'm going to be posting a little bit about each day we were there. Stay tuned :)

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  1. I can't wait to "hear" all about it! Sounds fun!