Thursday, July 26, 2012


Addi is talking more and more these days.  Her speech therapist is very pleased with her progress and said she has the best little personality.  She still continues to see a therapist twice a month. Some of the things she is saying and doing lately that I want to remember:

"Hold you?" - hold me

"I pray, ank you for mommy, daddy, Addi, honey, da, nana, kitty amen" oh and we have to clap after we pray lol

Last night she said "I pray" and then busted out singing Deep and Wide - haha

"Night, night, see ya!" - she says this every night when we put her in her bed

"I sorry"

"Mommy play? Cook pizza?" - She loves "cooking" pizza in her kitchen :)

She will say her ABC's over and over and over again until you tell her that's enough - hearing them sung repeatedly can get old after hearing them approximately 50 times in five minutes!

She loves counting to ten - hearing her say "7" is my favorite!

The Wheels on the Bus is prob her favorite song to sing b/c she loves doing the motions

I got a little teary eyed the other day when she was singing Jesus Loves Me

EVERYTHING is "mine" - "my truck" "my kitty" "my shoes"

She loves saying "I love (fill in the blank)" The other day she said "I love toodles" (from Mickey Mouse) 

She is starting to put more words together to form sentences.  Most of the time I can only understand a few words out of her sentences and I can figure out what she's trying to say, but other people would probably say she's just jabbering.

It's also funny how literal toddlers take everything.  Her teacher told me the other day they were walking in line to lunch and Addi was dragging her feet.  Her teacher told her to pick up her feet.  What did Addi do?  She literally took her hand and picked up her foot - haha!  At least she follows instructions well? :)

She still loves sitting on the potty and she's gone several times at school, but we still haven't mastered it by any means.  I try to get her to count or say her ABC's when she first gets on the potty hoping it will keep her there until she does her business.  We are going to try a little more hardcore this weekend - we'll see how that goes!

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  1. So precious. I totally had to pull over the other day becuase Megan bust out with Jesus Loves Me & then made up a verse about Jesus loving her baby brothers. I couldn't see I was crying so hard.