Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Back To The Real World

It was so hard to get up this morning after having such a great three day weekend.  I managed to get Addi and I ready and out the door on time (this is very unusual).  

After a few errands this afternoon, I met Addi and Brad at Jim-N-Nicks for dinner - yum!  I'm having trouble getting Addi to eat dinner.  She eats great at school, but at home, not-so-much.  I thought she would love the chicken fingers and mashed potatoes, but she just pushed them away.  Brad's mom gave me a gift card to Yogurt Mountain, so we decided to have dessert.  Addi had no problems eating her froyo...

On the way home, I stopped at the produce stand to see if they got any seedless watermelons in and they did - my favorite!  I have a huge thing of it getting nice and cold in the fridge for tomorrow.

Then it was time for a bath to remove all of the chocolate yogurt from Addi's face and hair.  Her Honey bought her these colors for the bath tub and she LOVES to "colo" during bath time.  We also use this time to practice our ABC's and counting.

I'm now just enjoying sitting here watching the RHOC.  I'm kind of obsessed with ALL of the housewives, but I have to say that Orange County is one of my favs.  I'm loving Heather this season - i'm not sure what it is about her, but I just want to be friends with her in real life - haha!

I hope everyone had a great Tuesday!

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  1. Same here on the RH of ANY county!