Monday, April 16, 2012

Racing Experience

Brad’s birthday was last month and since he is such a big NASCAR fan, I decided to surprise him with being able to participate in a driving experience where he could drive a real race car.  We decided to make it a small getaway for the two of us, so Friday night we loaded up and drove to Atlanta.  He didn’t have to be at the speedway until that Saturday afternoon, so in the mean time we just explored and were able to spend some quality time together (much needed!). 
We arrived at the Atlanta Motor Speedway and got checked in and Brad suited up.  We had to get there an hour early, so we were able to sit and watch the group before his drive.  I bet there were probably 150 people driving that day which is a lot more than I expected.  A girl in the group before his lost control and rammed into the wall twice.  This definitely didn’t ease my nerves!!  Before getting in the car, all drivers have to take an hour safety course that explains the rules and what they should expect.  I told Brad that he better listen to them better than he listens to me – haha!

His beeper went off right after the class, so it was his turn!  He got his earphones and helmet on and he was good to go!  When I bought the gift certificate for him, I thought there would be someone in the car with him kind of directing him what to do….well, I was wrong.  He was driving by himself, but communicating with someone who was on the field watching.  I had no reason to be nervous b/c he did a great job!  He reached 150 mph and was so excited – he said it was one of the most awesome things he’s ever experienced.  I’m so glad!  I wanted to do the ride along with an experienced driver, but I had on a dress w/sandals and that probably wouldn’t have been best riding attire 

We had a great time and I’m so glad I was able to be there to see his face when he got out of that racecar – priceless!

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