Friday, April 27, 2012

Addi's First Concert

My child LOVES The Fresh Beat Band or “beat beats” as she calls them.  She adores anything musical and loves to dance and clap along.  It’s a cute show, so I don’t mind watching it with her.  I saw where they were coming to Birmingham and I just knew we had to take her to see them.  I  Brad thought tickets were a little too pricey for a two year old – especially since she’s never been to anything like that before and she might not like it.  So, I waited until the day of the concert and just looked on Craigslist for some tickets.  I figured there would be someone who purchased tickets that wouldn’t be able to go and would want to sell their tickets for cheap.  I snagged three tickets for only $60 and we had great seats!!  The show was sold out and I would have paid AT LEAST $150 for these tickets if I would have bought them sooner – I will be waiting until the day of to buy tickets to anything from now on!

Brad was out of town, so my mom, Addi and I loaded up and headed down town for the concert.  First mistake – we got there 30 minutes before show time.  This would normally be fine, but for a two year old it wasn’t a smart decision.  She saw the stage and kept saying “beat beats”, but didn’t really understand the whole sit down and wait for them to come out thing!  Instead, she wanted to walk around everywhere and even suckered me into buying a $10 glow stick.  Next time, we will be arriving promptly when the show is supposed to start!

Since this was a last minute thing, I didn't bring my camera...I had to settle for cell phone pics.

As soon as the lights went out and everyone starting clapping and cheering, it scared her and she started to cry.  They came on stage and a huge smile came on her face and she starting clapping!  The first half of the concert she was just staring at them trying to figure out what was going on, but the second half she started waving her glow stick around, clapping and jumping up and down. 

Overall, it was a cute concert and they are really talented – mom and I even enjoyed it!  Addi’s first concert was a success!!

You can't really tell, but here she is in her "beat beat" shirt on the way to school this morning!

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