Friday, March 30, 2012

Speech Update

Addi has come SO far with her speech, but it’s still difficult to understand some of the things she is saying. Once she gets around people she doesn’t know very well, she stops talking and gets shy. When she does begin to talk it sounds like a foreign language and it’s so funny! One of my favorite things she does is when we are going bye bye she says “dye, see see” aka “bye, see ya!” (we think) haha!

She had her speech therapy and yearly evaluation yesterday. Her ST says she’s doing great and is right on track. Even though her speech is right around 24-25 months, her pretend play is at 30 months, which is great considering she is 25 months now. Our goals now are to continue encouraging two word phrases and using the words “on, up, off, in, etc.” in their correct forms. Right now she says “up” for everything. She also says “no” for everything as well, but I’m thinking that’s just her being her two year old self :)
Yesterday, Addi got to play with the iPad. There were so many apps she could use to help her learn – I was impressed! I had to take a picture of her using it to try to convince the hubs we needed one. Haha!

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