Friday, March 9, 2012

Birthday Girl

Sunday, was Addi’s actual birthday. We ended up sleeping in because we were all exhausted from the day before and we needed some family time. We woke up and Addi immediately wanted to jump some more! Nana came over after church to see the birthday girl. She had to miss the party the day before b/c she had a nasty stomach virus that none of us wanted to catch! After playing with Nana and jumping and sliding until she couldn’t jump and slide anymore, we all took a two hour nap. It was wonderful let me tell you!
When we all woke up, I decided to take Addi to the park and Nana decided to join us. She had the best time running around from the slide to the swings. She also found every mud puddle she could find – joy! She runs full force, but never really pays attention to where she is going – haha. One little girl tried to play with her and Addi looked at her and said “MOVE!” “Move”, “no” and “mine” are our fav words these days. She finally warmed up to her and followed her around some.

After our play time at the park, we headed back to the house to find out that Honey and Dad came by to see the birthday girl. She had her favorite supper of hot dogs and potato chips (Real healthy, I know) and I think she fell asleep before her head hit the mattress!

All in all I think she had a great birthday weekend!

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