Saturday, March 10, 2012

2 Year Check-Up

Addi had her 2 year old check-up Thursday morning. Since it was early, I decided to bring her to work with me until her appt. She wasn’t as friendly to everyone as I hoped she would be. But, she was in a strange environment with a bunch of people she doesn’t know staring at her, so I guess I understand. Instead of greeting everyone, she buried her face into me and kind of grunted at them like “don’t you dare look at me!”

When we arrived at the doctor’s office, I had to fill out a questionnaire and Addi was determined to steal the pen away from me. Of course I told her no and she lost it. She fell to floor screaming and crying. A little boy tried to help her up, but Addi just told him to “move”. Her crying tantrum got worse after they pricked her finger. It lasted for a solid 20 minutes (pretty much the entire time we were there). Dr. L said her tantrum was just her being 2.

She weighs 33 lb and is 37 inches tall – both are in the 95th percentile. He said that she looks great and her speech, gross and fine motor skills are great as well. He always tells me how she really is a miracle. He also told me that I would be thanking God one day for such a strong-willed child and that they normally grow up to be leaders instead of followers. She is definitely strong-willed, that’s for sure!

Her heart rate was just a little above normal b/c she was screaming and crying so hard, but it wasn’t anywhere near the 250 bpm that it was the last time we were there. We had to return the heart monitor the cardiologist prescribed up b/c our 30 days was up, but Dr. L suggested we get it back for another 30 days. Being fussy is one of the symptoms of SVT and having the heart monitor will allow us to see if her fussiness is her having an episode or just a product of being two.

We don’t have to go back to see Dr. L until she’s 3! I’m thankful for a healthy report!

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