Friday, March 30, 2012

Speech Update

Addi has come SO far with her speech, but it’s still difficult to understand some of the things she is saying. Once she gets around people she doesn’t know very well, she stops talking and gets shy. When she does begin to talk it sounds like a foreign language and it’s so funny! One of my favorite things she does is when we are going bye bye she says “dye, see see” aka “bye, see ya!” (we think) haha!

She had her speech therapy and yearly evaluation yesterday. Her ST says she’s doing great and is right on track. Even though her speech is right around 24-25 months, her pretend play is at 30 months, which is great considering she is 25 months now. Our goals now are to continue encouraging two word phrases and using the words “on, up, off, in, etc.” in their correct forms. Right now she says “up” for everything. She also says “no” for everything as well, but I’m thinking that’s just her being her two year old self :)
Yesterday, Addi got to play with the iPad. There were so many apps she could use to help her learn – I was impressed! I had to take a picture of her using it to try to convince the hubs we needed one. Haha!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Bye Bye Pappy

 Addi LOVES her pappy.  Over the past few months we have limited how much she gets it to just at bedtime and nap time.  That doesn't mean she doesn't ask for it all the time!  I told Brad that we needed to get rid of it by the time she was two.  Well, the time finally came and I cut the tip off of it Friday night.  When I first gave it to her she spit it out and looked at me and said "UH OH!!".  I just told her it broke and she threw it on the ground.  

I have been dreading this moment, but it has really gone so much better than I had expected. Instead of going right to sleep like she usually did w/pappy, she now whines for about 5 minutes and then she's over it.  I'm so proud of my big girl!  I'm anxious to see how nap time at school goes tomorrow...

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New Look

You may have noticed that I have a new look on my blog and I LOVE it!  If you are looking for a blog designer, you should definitely contact Michelle at The Momma Bird.  She did a fantastic job!  I know NOTHING about blog design and she was very patient with me b/c I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted.  I knew I wanted something clean and simple and she definitely succeeded!  Thanks Michelle!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

An Afternoon At The Park

Addi LOVES the park!  We try to go as much as possible.  The extra daylight in the afternoons really gives us extra play time and I'm lovin' it!  She LOVES to "side" (slide) and says "wee!!" every time she goes down.  Here are a few pictures I took with my phone today:

Monday, March 19, 2012

Weekend Fun

This past weekend was one of the best weekends we have had in a while!  I have been planning Brad a surprise birthday dinner for a few weeks now.  I'm AWFUL w/surprises! In fact, I told him what I bought him for his birthday a few weeks ago - I was just so excited I couldn't help it!  His birthday dinner went on without a hitch and he didn't expect a thing!  I kept things pretty simple and just invited some of his best friends out to dinner to surprise him.  Chad helped me with getting him to the restaurant.  Here a few pics of our night:
Brad w/his AMAZING birthday cake!! (It was a deer head - haha!)
The hubs and I

Addi spent the night w/Brad's parents, so Sunday morning Brad and I got up and went to church, then lunch w/my mom.  We met his parents at Lowes to get Addi-boo.  While we were there we decided to go ahead and buy some things for the yard.  Addi napped and Brad and I worked outside.  It was so nice just doing something together.  We started off by planting strawberries, tomatoes, rosemary, lavender, dill and cucumbers.

We also have a new member of our family (kind of). This is a kitty that wandered up to our house one day last week.  It's SOOO skinny.  Brad, at first, told me that I was under no circumstances allowed to feed it b/c he didn't want it coming back.  Needless to say, Brad caved and i'm now feeding it :)  We just need to come up with a name now!
It's not camera shy!

Winnie, however, is not a big fan of it.  I think she is just jealous b/c she growls at me every time I pet it.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

What Women Fear

Last year, I pre-ordered the book What Women Fear by Angie Smith. I read a couple of chapters and then life got in the way and I just didn’t have time to finish it. I had some free time a week or so ago and decided to start over and read it from the beginning. I just finished it today and I’m so glad I put aside some time to read it!

I’ve always been somewhat of a “worry wart”. My worrying and nervousness would make me get physically sick at times. It’s an awful feeling! When Brad and I got married, it seemed to get even worse. He couldn’t even drive a mile down the street to the gas station without me calling him to make sure he was ok and wearing his seat belt. I would get these awful images in my head of things that “could” happen.

I would also fear being around certain groups of people. I was very much a people pleaser and the thought of not living up to their expectations would make me physically ill. Brad finally stepped in and told me it would be a good idea to get some help. I ended up being put on some anxiety medicine and it seemed to work for a while. Then, I got pregnant. I didn’t want to be on ANY kind of medication while I was pregnant even though the doctor said it was safe – I just didn’t want to chance it. My anxiety seemed to subside while I was pregnant and I’m not exactly sure why….maybe the excitement of having a baby took over me!?

I really think everything changed for me when Addi was sick. I had to put her God’s hands b/c I couldn’t do anything to help her (as much as I wanted to!). I knew from the bottom of my heart that God could heal her. At times, it was impossible for me not to doubt if she was going to be ok b/c of all the test results and our talks with her doctors. But, our God is SO much bigger than that!!! Two years later and she is NOT blind, she IS right on track developmentally and she has NO signs of any problems!

I think God used this situation to really help me with my anxiety. I’m not going to say I don’t have my moments, but how can I fear or worry when I have seen with my own eyes what God can do?

Before reading this book, I would never even think of telling anyone these things about myself. I mean how embarrassing that I was letting my thoughts and fictitious situations I created in my mind control me so much that I needed medication? I’m pretty sure every fear Angie brings up in her book, I have experienced. I just assumed that I was the ONLY person to feel these things. It turns out all women have some type of fear. Some are more extreme than others, but they are still fears nonetheless.

I have learned a lot from this book, but one of the main things I took from it is that we can let our fears control us so much that we will miss out of the life that God has planned for us. He DOES care about us and wants us to succeed. The only thing we should fear is the Lord.

“The more I fear God, the less I fear everything else” – Angie Smith, What Women Fear

Saturday, March 10, 2012

2 Year Check-Up

Addi had her 2 year old check-up Thursday morning. Since it was early, I decided to bring her to work with me until her appt. She wasn’t as friendly to everyone as I hoped she would be. But, she was in a strange environment with a bunch of people she doesn’t know staring at her, so I guess I understand. Instead of greeting everyone, she buried her face into me and kind of grunted at them like “don’t you dare look at me!”

When we arrived at the doctor’s office, I had to fill out a questionnaire and Addi was determined to steal the pen away from me. Of course I told her no and she lost it. She fell to floor screaming and crying. A little boy tried to help her up, but Addi just told him to “move”. Her crying tantrum got worse after they pricked her finger. It lasted for a solid 20 minutes (pretty much the entire time we were there). Dr. L said her tantrum was just her being 2.

She weighs 33 lb and is 37 inches tall – both are in the 95th percentile. He said that she looks great and her speech, gross and fine motor skills are great as well. He always tells me how she really is a miracle. He also told me that I would be thanking God one day for such a strong-willed child and that they normally grow up to be leaders instead of followers. She is definitely strong-willed, that’s for sure!

Her heart rate was just a little above normal b/c she was screaming and crying so hard, but it wasn’t anywhere near the 250 bpm that it was the last time we were there. We had to return the heart monitor the cardiologist prescribed up b/c our 30 days was up, but Dr. L suggested we get it back for another 30 days. Being fussy is one of the symptoms of SVT and having the heart monitor will allow us to see if her fussiness is her having an episode or just a product of being two.

We don’t have to go back to see Dr. L until she’s 3! I’m thankful for a healthy report!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Birthday Girl

Sunday, was Addi’s actual birthday. We ended up sleeping in because we were all exhausted from the day before and we needed some family time. We woke up and Addi immediately wanted to jump some more! Nana came over after church to see the birthday girl. She had to miss the party the day before b/c she had a nasty stomach virus that none of us wanted to catch! After playing with Nana and jumping and sliding until she couldn’t jump and slide anymore, we all took a two hour nap. It was wonderful let me tell you!
When we all woke up, I decided to take Addi to the park and Nana decided to join us. She had the best time running around from the slide to the swings. She also found every mud puddle she could find – joy! She runs full force, but never really pays attention to where she is going – haha. One little girl tried to play with her and Addi looked at her and said “MOVE!” “Move”, “no” and “mine” are our fav words these days. She finally warmed up to her and followed her around some.

After our play time at the park, we headed back to the house to find out that Honey and Dad came by to see the birthday girl. She had her favorite supper of hot dogs and potato chips (Real healthy, I know) and I think she fell asleep before her head hit the mattress!

All in all I think she had a great birthday weekend!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Addi's 2nd Birthday Party

This past Saturday, we celebrated Addi’s 2nd birthday. We had a house full of family and friends and a great time was had by all! I rented a bounce house for Addi and some of her friends. To say she loved it would be an understatement! We had it for the entire weekend, so to take advantage of that we set it up Friday night and didn’t take it down until late Sunday. She jumped her little heart out! I’m considering buying one to put in the “man cave” downstairs. That would be a perfect place for her to play!

Since Addi LOVES the “Beat Beats” (aka The Fresh Beat Band), we chose a music/Fresh Beat theme (I didn’t really go all out on the theme b/c I’m just not creative like that). Her cake was my favorite! It was a pink and zebra print guitar. The guitar strap had her name on it and there was a broken guitar string that led you to “Happy 2nd Birthday Addi”. Not only was it super cute, but it was 10 times as delicious! If you are in the Birmingham area, please give Dreamcakes by Dee a call. I’m convinced she can do any kind of cake you desire!

We grilled out hamburgers last year and that was just too much work. I tried to keep things a little more simple this year and went with a Chick-Fil-A tray, pimento cheese sandwiches, chips and dip.

This will be the last big birthday party at home. Next year, I plan on inviting all of her daycare friends and friends from church. That would be way too many people of our house, so I will have to come up with another solution for next year. I guess I have a little time to think about her 3rd birthday party!