Monday, January 16, 2012

Ice Water??

*Correction:  Dummy over here thought the doctor say her heart rate was 98 bpm and it was actually 250 bpm.  I guess while my child was screaming from having her face dumped in ice water I didn't really pay attention to what the doctor was saying!

Addi has given us too many scares in her short 22 months here on this earth.  If you read my blog often, then you know about scare number one which occurred about 12 hours after she was born.  Read here to catch up. She scared us again during that same month - you can read that here.  Scare number three happened just a few hours ago.

I took Addi to the doctor b/c she has been congested and coughing for about a week now and the Mucinex I was giving her wasn't working.  The doctor she normally sees was out today, so we had to see someone different.  As she was checking Addi's breathing she noticed her heart rate was extremely high - it was so high that she couldn't even count it.  After finally finding a machine to check her heart rate, we discovered it was at 250 bpm.  She called another doctor in and he suggested they try using ice.  Apparently, "shocking" her with ice water would somehow put her heart back in rhythm and slow it down.  So, I had to sit there and hold my baby while they put her face in a bowl of ice water - I almost lost it.  It looked like pure torture.  They did that a few times and it didn't appear to work.  The doctor told me she was calling Children's to find out what we needed to do.  While she was on the phone w/them, another dr. came in and checked her heart rate again and it was back to normal.  Thank goodness we didn't have to take her to the ER tonight, but we will be scheduling an appointment with Cardiologist this week and we just need to keep a really good eye on her.

The doctors seemed to think it is SVT - Supraventricular Tachycardia and it could have started just sometime this afternoon or while we were at the doctor.  I haven't noticed her heart rate being that high before.  She also has a bad sinus infection. Bless her.

Please say a prayer that this is nothing serious and can easily be treated!


  1. 98 or 198? Will works in the Cardiovascular ICU at Texas Childrens and was saying that it is more than likely from her decongestant that she was on. We will for sure be praying that all is ok and that is really all it was. Poor baby, ice in the face sounds like torture.

    1. I think she said it was 98. I was thinking that might cause it as well, but she hasn't had any since yesterday afternoon - would that still cause it??

    2. Will says it for sure still could have been in her system but always best to have her looked at just to be sure. Keep us posted and we will be praying your sweet girl gets well soon.