Wednesday, January 4, 2012

22 Months

I can't believe it's almost time to have Addi's second birthday party.  I've already been scouring Pinterest for ideas and I'm getting excited!  Addi continues to amaze me w/how much she has learned over the past year.  Just this past weekend she has started talking so much more and is now repeating a lot of what we say.  Most of the time I have no clue what she is saying, but she acts like she knows what she's talking about - haha!  

Things about Addi at 22 months....
*She's already cutting her two year molars and is constantly chewing on her fingers.
*She has two pair of slippers, but will ONLY wear the princess ones.
*Mrs. Jean told me that she screams/cries every time she leaves the room at daycare - bless her!
*She loves to give hugs and kisses (always open mouth)
*She still wears a size 2t and size 5 diapers.
*She's become a picky eater - never really eats what I cook, unless it's spaghetti, then she chows down!  I need to come up w/some creative dinner ideas.
*She loves her new playhouse and will go in and out of it all day long
*She's still going to bed around 7:00 - 7:30 and I have to wake her up in the mornings
*She loves her daddy (unless he's wearing a hat and then she freaks out)
*She LOVES brushing her teeth - sometimes that's the only way I can get her out of the bath tub
*Lastly, this girl loves her some chocolate cupcakes!
She's growing up so fast and we love her more everyday!  Thank you God for blessing us w/this precious angel!

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