Tuesday, January 31, 2012

One Week Later

    Our lives have been turned upside down and totally consumed by the aftermath of the tornadoes that damaged several hundred homes last Monday morning. The destruction is unbelievable and so many are left homeless. Praise God there weren’t more than two fatalities. Even though we don’t currently live in our house that was damaged, there are still a lot of decisions to be made – where exactly do we go from here? It’s the last thing I think about before I go to bed and it’s the first thing I think about in the morning. I’m SO tired of these thoughts running through my head and I’m ready for things to be back to normal!

Brad’s parent’s house was damaged really bad as well…I know they are facing these same decisions. They will probably be moving in with us within the next couple of weeks, until they decide what to do or find somewhere else to live. This is going to be a huge change for all of us! We are just continuing to put it all in God’s hands.

Just a little FYI – tree removal is EXPENSIVE! Like thousands and thousands of dollars expensive. Insurance only covers the removal of trees if they are on the house. We had a lot that were down in our yard and they had to be cut up and removed. This past Saturday, a big group of people from our church and close family friends helped us clear off the land around the house. This was a huge blessing! We didn’t have an extra $10,000 lying around to hire someone to do the work. :) Thanks to them, most of the debris was gathered in this one gigantic pile in the front of the house ready to be disposed of!

Now we are just waiting on the insurance company and contractor to give us a final estimate.  I'm SO ready for this to be over with!  Please continue to pray for those who lost everything.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Early Monday morning I was awakened by our weather radio.  It said we were under a tornado watch and I didn't think much about it and I went almost immediately back to sleep.  A few hours later, around 3:30 am the radio went off again, but this time it was a warning.  I laid back down and was fixing to check the weather on my phone when my mom called to tell us to get in the basement.  Brad gathered the flashlights and radio and I woke up Addi. Our power quickly went out, so we had to rely on the radio to tell us where the storm was.  James Spann was talking about a tornado touching down in n area near Brad's parent's house, so he called to check on them to find out most of their windows were blown out and a tree was through their bedroom ceiling.  They later found out they had like 5 trees on their house *I think*.  We own the house next door to them and it's pretty messed up as well.  Thank goodness my in-laws and our renters are ok!  Here are a few pictures of the damage:

On my way home from picking up Addi from daycare, I had to drive through one of the hardest hit areas and it just broke my heart  to see so much devastation.  Please pray for the families who lost love ones and for those who lost everything. 

Sunday, January 22, 2012

What's Up

I had intentions of updating everyone on Addi's doctor's appointment, but we have been going nonstop all week long!  Thankfully, she hasn't had any more SVT episodes since Monday (that I know of) and the cardiologist said she might not ever have one again.  They are sending us a monitor to use for when we think she might be having one.  Hopefully, we wont have to use it.  Right now we are just keeping a closer eye on her!  She was worn out after her appt...
We have both been sick lately, but I think we are finally feeling better.  Addi was in a really good mood today, but I think she is finally reaching those "terrible two's".  She wants what she wants when she wants it and if she doesn't get it, she has a meltdown.  Ignoring her seems to be the best way for us to handle it right now and time out works well too.  I hoping this stage doesn't last too long!

 I have been awful about not taking any pictures, but here are two pictures from my phone that I took this weekend:

 Eating "eeo's" (cheerios) and watching the Beat Beats (The Fresh Beats) - she is CONSTANTLY asking for the Beat Beats.  She loves anything with music, singing and dancing.  Maybe she will have some sort of musical talent?? Her mommy and daddy sure don't!

Saturday morning I painted her chubby little toes for the first time.  She sat there very still and watched me paint them, but she hasn't quite grasped the idea of letting them dry!

Our bedroom has finally been painted and hopefully I can get some pictures up soon.  We ended up going with a light gray color and I love it!  There are two nightstands I have been eying and I'm hoping I can buy them soon to help complete the room.  I would also like to paint my dresser and buy a new bed.  It is slowly but surely coming together!

Brad and I have started visiting a new CLG class at church.  We LOVED everyone in our other class, but it was at night and hard relying on someone to keep Addi.  We tried taking her with us a few times and that just didn't work out.  Our new class is on Sunday morning so she can stay in the nursery.  I'm excited about meeting and getting to know everyone in our new class!

That's what we have been up to lately!  I hope everyone has a great Monday!!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Ice Water??

*Correction:  Dummy over here thought the doctor say her heart rate was 98 bpm and it was actually 250 bpm.  I guess while my child was screaming from having her face dumped in ice water I didn't really pay attention to what the doctor was saying!

Addi has given us too many scares in her short 22 months here on this earth.  If you read my blog often, then you know about scare number one which occurred about 12 hours after she was born.  Read here to catch up. She scared us again during that same month - you can read that here.  Scare number three happened just a few hours ago.

I took Addi to the doctor b/c she has been congested and coughing for about a week now and the Mucinex I was giving her wasn't working.  The doctor she normally sees was out today, so we had to see someone different.  As she was checking Addi's breathing she noticed her heart rate was extremely high - it was so high that she couldn't even count it.  After finally finding a machine to check her heart rate, we discovered it was at 250 bpm.  She called another doctor in and he suggested they try using ice.  Apparently, "shocking" her with ice water would somehow put her heart back in rhythm and slow it down.  So, I had to sit there and hold my baby while they put her face in a bowl of ice water - I almost lost it.  It looked like pure torture.  They did that a few times and it didn't appear to work.  The doctor told me she was calling Children's to find out what we needed to do.  While she was on the phone w/them, another dr. came in and checked her heart rate again and it was back to normal.  Thank goodness we didn't have to take her to the ER tonight, but we will be scheduling an appointment with Cardiologist this week and we just need to keep a really good eye on her.

The doctors seemed to think it is SVT - Supraventricular Tachycardia and it could have started just sometime this afternoon or while we were at the doctor.  I haven't noticed her heart rate being that high before.  She also has a bad sinus infection. Bless her.

Please say a prayer that this is nothing serious and can easily be treated!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Week 1

I’m very guilty of making New Year’s resolutions that I know good and well I won’t accomplish. I usually give up after the first couple of weeks. This year, I decided to make some simple goals that I know I can stick with. I thought I would document how we are doing every week (for my benefit). I figured writing them down every week will keep them fresh on my mind and allow me to work even harder on accomplishing them!

One of the main goals I want to complete is saving money for a new (to me) car. In order to do this we needed to sit down and make a monthly budget. Both of us thought the envelope/cash system would work best for us. We will use our debit cards to pay for mortgages, bills, gas etc. Cash will only be spent on groceries, going out to eat, clothes, and blow money. I’m proud to report that we did great on our first week using this system! We were even under our budget in all of those categories!

Another goal of mine was to get in shape. I only worked out two days this week, but next week I’m planning on 4. My plan is to take some classes here at our gym at work and then start running once I get used to working out again. So far, so good!

Last, but certainly not least, I want to read through the bible in a year. I have the YouVersion bible app on my phone and they also send an e-mail every day w/my reading for that particular day. I have completed six days so far and I’m really proud of myself.

Over all, this was a great week! This weekend I’m going to tackle getting my house organized – fun huh?? I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

22 Months

I can't believe it's almost time to have Addi's second birthday party.  I've already been scouring Pinterest for ideas and I'm getting excited!  Addi continues to amaze me w/how much she has learned over the past year.  Just this past weekend she has started talking so much more and is now repeating a lot of what we say.  Most of the time I have no clue what she is saying, but she acts like she knows what she's talking about - haha!  

Things about Addi at 22 months....
*She's already cutting her two year molars and is constantly chewing on her fingers.
*She has two pair of slippers, but will ONLY wear the princess ones.
*Mrs. Jean told me that she screams/cries every time she leaves the room at daycare - bless her!
*She loves to give hugs and kisses (always open mouth)
*She still wears a size 2t and size 5 diapers.
*She's become a picky eater - never really eats what I cook, unless it's spaghetti, then she chows down!  I need to come up w/some creative dinner ideas.
*She loves her new playhouse and will go in and out of it all day long
*She's still going to bed around 7:00 - 7:30 and I have to wake her up in the mornings
*She loves her daddy (unless he's wearing a hat and then she freaks out)
*She LOVES brushing her teeth - sometimes that's the only way I can get her out of the bath tub
*Lastly, this girl loves her some chocolate cupcakes!
She's growing up so fast and we love her more everyday!  Thank you God for blessing us w/this precious angel!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Our Weekend

Our weekend was supposed to be filled w/completing projects, painting our bedroom and putting away Christmas decor.  Instead it may or may not have included a battle w/the ladder, a head injury and a foot through the ceiling.  Needless to say, it has been an interesting couple of days!

We spent a lot of the weekend being lazy and catching up on some tv.  We have recently discovered The Big Bang Theory and we are addicted.  Love it.

Addi has been carrying her baby doll around today saying "baby, night night" and then giving her kisses.  It's the sweetest thing ever!  

I hope everyone had a great time welcoming in the New Year!  I've had a great time off w/my family, but tomorrow it's back to work I go!