Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Weekend Fun...

This weekend was super busy. We decided to have a yard sale Saturday morning. After that and a MUCH needed 2 hour nap, we went to Brad’s parent’s house for the Bama/Tennessee game. Addi was spending the night w/them so Brad and I could go to Talladega to the race Sunday. While we were watching the game, Addi started doing some type of dance. She would slowly reach down and touch her toes, lift her hands back up, clap her hands and turn around – haha. It was SO funny! I’m assuming it’s some moves to a song they sing at school, but I’m not exactly which one it could be!

Our alarm clocks went off at 7:00 Sunday morning and as we were laying bed Brad told me that if I didn’t want to go just to let him know. I seriously thought about not going so we could sleep in, but I’m so glad we went b/c we had a great day together! It’s not that often that it’s just me and him.

This was my first race and I really enjoyed it! Occasionally, I will watch the races w/Brad, but it’s so much better in person. I would definitely go back again. There is definitely a mix of people that go to these races and I had fun “people watching”. My driver (Tony Stewart) didn’t win, but he led some of the day. The only reason I cheer on Tony is b/c I think him and Brad kind of look a like – haha. Don’t you think so?? Kind of??

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