Sunday, September 4, 2011

Football and Family Time

My Addi girl is 18 months old today!  We go for her 18 month doctor's appointment this week, so I will do an official update after our visit.

Alabama football started up again this weekend and for the rest of the season, our Saturdays will be spent with a household full of people or hanging out at friend's houses.  I personally don't care as much for football as I do the food and company!  Doesn't she look cute in her little Alabama cheerleader uniform??
Today, we spent some much needed family time together.  We shopped, ate lunch w/my mom, and met our future renters!!  They seem like really nice people and I hope it works out.

I just have to document this next idea my hubby had.  It's totally out of his character to suggest something like this and I want to remember it - haha.  Today, he suggested that we hire someone to clean our house.  Umm, heck yeah we should!  I HATE cleaning, like with a passion.  Doing laundry keeps me busy enough.  I would be happy if that's all I had to do and I could get someone to sweep, mop, vacuum and dust.  I still can't believe he suggested this and i'm definitely holding him to it.  haha!

Thank goodness for a three day weekend!! I hope everyone else has a great Labor Day!


  1. LOVE that little outfit!? Where did you get it?? I have looked online for one I like and have yet to find one. I did find the most adorable smocked dress but it's $120 price tag was too steep for me!

  2. Brads mom bought that for her. I can ask her where she bought guess is Bama Fever or maybe tj maxx